Minit-Lube's Operations Strategy and Its Competitive Advantage

Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: May 14, 2011
How does the Minit- Lube operations strategy provide competitive advantage? According to the text, the 10 decisions of operations management are: 1. Design of goods and services
2. Managing quality
3. Process and capacity design
4. Location strategy
5. Layout strategy
6. Human resources and job design
7. Supply- chain management
8. Inventory, material requirements planning, and JIT ( just- in- time) 9. Intermediate and short- term scheduling
10. Maintenance

Here is how Minit-lube operations strategy provides competitive advantage: Services Design:
Minit-Lube has a superior service design as it provides fast oil-change, interior cleaning and lubrications services to 3 cars at a time. Company differentiates itself by creating positive first impression, providing fast service by combining procedures which can be done simultaneously and more efficient way of assets usage. Quality management:

Quality exceeds normal standards as all employees are neatly dressed and fully trained from minit-lube university. Precise job assignment, good training and concentrating on specific task allow for a high quality service while ensuring high speed. Process:

Since the product is in maturity stage the capacity utilization has to be optimal, and process must be very stable. Efficient use of human resource enables fast service provision as three workers simultaneously work on a car to provide oil-change services. Location:

Spotless environment provides customer a refreshing feeling. Facilities are usually located near residential areas. Layout design:
Minit-Lube layout supports process focused ‘job shop’ practice which maximizes the efficiency and quality. The three bays are designed specifically for lubrication and vacuuming tasks to minimize wasted movement on the part of the employees and to contribute to the speedier service. Human Resource:

Well trained staff graduated from minit-lube school, ensuring cost effectiveness by...
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