Chp 2 MGMT 460 QUIZ

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Outsourcing Pages: 5 (1307 words) Published: January 31, 2015
1. Which of the following statements is most correct?
Select one:
a. KSFs are often sufficient, but not necessary for competitive advantage. b. KSFs are often necessary, but not sufficient for competitive advantage. c. KSFs are both necessary and sufficient for competitive advantage. Incorrect

d. KSFs are neither necessary nor sufficient for competitive advantage. e. None of the above statements is correct.
2. The purpose of NAFTA is to:
Select one:
a. provide fair and equitable tariff rates for trade between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. b. phase out all trade and tariff barriers between North America and South America. c. curb illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States. d. phase out all trade and tariff barriers between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Correct

3. Response-based competitive advantage can be:
a. reliable response.
b. quick response.
c. flexible response.
d. all of the above.
4. Value-chain analysis can be used to determine if a business is adding unique value in which of the following areas? a. quality management
b. process innovation
c. human resources
d. product research
e. all of the above
5. Which of the following has progressed the FURTHEST along its product life cycle? Select one:
a. drive-through restaurants
b. Xbox 360
c. Boeing 787
d. 3-D game players
e. iPods
6. Cost minimization is an appropriate strategy in which stage of the product life cycle? Select one:
a. introduction
b. retirement
c. decline
d. growth
e. adolescence
7. Which of the following does NOT represent a valid reason for globalizing operations? a. reduce responsiveness
b. improve the supply chain
c. attract and retain global talent
d. reduce costs
e. understand markets
8. A strategy is a(n):
a. simulation used to test various product line options.
b. plan for cost reduction.
c. action plan to achieve the mission.
d. broad statement of purpose.
e. set of opportunities in the marketplace
9. The acronym MNC stands for
a. Multinational Corporation
10. Which of the international operations strategies uses the existing domestic model globally? a. international strategy
b. global strategy
c. transnational strategy
d. multidomestic strategy
e. worldwide strategy
11. Outsourcing manufacturing is also known as:
Select one:
a. hollow manufacturing.
b. license manufacturing.
c. concurrent manufacturing.
d. sublease manufacturing.
e. contract manufacturing.
12. Which of the following is the best example of competing on low-cost leadership? a. A firm offers more reliable products than its competitors do. b. A firm's products are introduced into the market faster than its competitors' products are. c. A firm advertises more than its competitors do.

d. A firm produces its product with less raw material waste than its competitors do. Correct
e. A firm's research and development department generates many ideas for new products 13. According to the authors, which of the following strategic concepts allow firms to achieve their missions? a. differentiation, cost leadership, and response

b. differentiation, distinctive competency, quality leadership, and capacity Incorrect
c. productivity, efficiency, and quality leadership
d. differentiation, quality leadership, and response
e. distinctive competency, cost leadership, and experience
14. Which of the following statements best characterizes delivery reliability? Select one:
a. a company that has a computerized delivery scheduling system b. a company that delivers more frequently than its competitors c. a company that delivers faster than its competitors
d. a company that always delivers on the same day of the week e. a company that always delivers at the promised time
15. The ability of an organization to produce services that, by utilizing the consumer's five...
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