Service System and Assembly Line

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Questions 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, and 12 on page 84.Q1. Classify the following types of processes as continuous, assembly line, batch, job shop, or project: Doctor’s office.
Automatic car wash
College curriculum.
Studying for an exam.
Registration for classes.
Electric utility.
Doctor’s office – job shop or project. All patients do not require the same procedures, namely the service offered are custom in nature. Automatic car wash – assembly line flow. There is a linear sequence of operations common to all cars. College curriculum – can be any: Assembly line flow: if same curriculum is required of all students, batch: if curriculum is tailored to some degree, or project: if curriculum is tailored to individual students. Studying for an exam – project. The studying process is unique to each student for different, unique exams. Registration for classes - assembly line. All students must largely complete the same sequence of steps which vary little regardless of the program of study. Electric utility – continuous process as the product is highly standardized and can be automated to a great degree in order to better achieve a low unit cost. Q2. Why are assembly-line processes usually so much more efficient but less flexible than batch processes? Give three reasons. Reasons for efficiency, but less flexibility of the line than the batch process: a. Standardization of tasks

b. Standard products
c. Highly automated
d. Specialized equipment
e. Unskilled or semi-skilled labor
Q3. The rate of productivity improvement in the service industries has been much lower than in manufacturing. Can this be attributed to process selection decisions? What problems would be involved in using more efficient processes in service industries? Yes, the rate of productivity improvement in the service industries can be partly attributed to process selection decisions. Service industries typically select a batch or project process to provide customized service. This is...
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