Mines Act, 1952

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(Act No. 35 of 1952 )
(15 March, 1952)
(As modified upto 1983)
An Act to amend and consolidate the law relating to the Regulation of labour and safety in mines Be it enacted by Parliament as follows :CHAPTER I


Short title, extent and commencement –
(1)This Act may be called the Mines Act, 1952.
(2)It extends to whole of India
(3)It shall come into force on sub date or dates as the Central Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, appoint, and different dates may be appointed for st
different provisions of this Act and for different states but not later than 31 December, 1953.
Definitions : - (1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires : (a) omitted
(b) “adult” means a person who has completed his eighteenth year. (c) “agent”, when used in relation to a mine, means every person, whether appointed as such or not, who, acting or purporting to act on behalf of the owner, takes part in the management, control, supervision or direction of the mine or of any part thereof: (d) “Chief Inspector” means the Chief Inspector of Mines appointed under this Act; (e) “Committee” means a committee constituted under section 12: (f) “day” means a period of twenty-four hours beginning at mid-night; (g) “district magistrate” means, in a presidency-town, the person appointed by the Central Government to perform the duties of a district magistrate under this Act in that town; (h) a person is said to be “employed” in a mine who works as the manager or who works under appointment by the owner, agent or manager of the mine or with knowledge of the manager, whether for wages or not.

(i) in any mining operation (including the concomitant operations of handing and transport of minerals up to the point of despatch and of gathering sand and transport thereof to the mine)
(ii) in operations or services relating to the development of the mine including construction of plant therein but excluding construction of buildings, roads, wells and any building work not directly connected with any existing or future mining operations: (iii) in operating, servicing, maintaining or repairing any part or any machinery used in or about the mine;

(iv) in operations, within the premises of the mine of loading for despatch of minerals; (v) in any office of the mine:
(vi) in any welfare, health, sanitary or conservancy services required to be provided under this Act, or watch and ward, within the premises of the mine excluding residential area; or
(vii) in any kind of work whatsoever which is preparatory or incidental to, or connected with mining operations;
(i) “Inspector” means an Inspector of Mines appointed under this Act, and includes a district magistrate when exercising any power or performing any duty of an Inspector which is empowered by this Act to exercise or perform;

(i) “mine” means any excavation where any operation for the purpose of searching for or obtaining minerals has been or is being carried on and includes (i) all borings, bore holes, oil wells and accessory crude conditioning plants, including the pipe conveying mineral oil within the oilfields:

(ii) all shafts, in or adjacent to and belonging to a mine, where in the course of being sunk or not:
(iii) all levels and inclined planes in the course of being driven; (iv) all opencast workings;

(v) all conveyors or aerial ropeways provided for the bringing into or removal from a mine of minerals or other articles or for the removal of refuse therefrom; (vi)all adits, livels, planes, machinery works, railways, tramways and sidings in or adjacent to and belonging to a mine;

(vii) all protective works being carried out in or adjacent to a mine; (viii) all workshop and store situated within the precincts of a mine and the same management and used primarily for the purposes connected with that mine or a number of mines under the same management;

(ix) all power stations, transformer sub-stations converter stations :...
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