Bring Up the Promising Application of Artificial Sand

Topics: Sand, Concrete, Particle size distribution Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: February 17, 2012
The natural sand has several disadvantages compared to artificial sand, which make artificial sand become the mainstay of stone-production in the field of construction. Pulled by the need of expanding domestic demand, infrastructure investment, such as roads, railways etc, is increasing. Such large engineering project needs lots of high quality sand. However,natural sand is non-renewable resources, with the large-scale exploitation, is increasingly drying up. In such a scenario, artificial sand is seen as a welcome alternative to natural sand. The application of artificial sand will effectively make great contribution to the development of our life. In the process of sand maker production, sand making and impact crusher g equipment is necessary. The raw materials mainly are granite, limestone, basalt, pebbles etc, through a series of crushing and screening equipment in order to reach required level.

Artificial sand is widely used in road construction, concrete industry, etc. As the field of industry application gradually expanded, the gradual application of natural sand work more and failed to keep pace with the various sectors of modern world development needs. For the most part, artificial sand is produced to meet the great needs. More advanced sand making machines have been invented to push forward human civilization. Now here you can learn more about the mechanism of the advantages of artificial sand.

(1) artificial sand suitable for large-scale factory production. Can build a complete management system, responsibility for security, quality, accountability, quality control laboratory is responsible for sand.

(2) pre-mining companies can mine reserves, the quality of exploration. May, according to the specific circumstances of mining plans, you can night a continuous and stable development of space. This has changed now that natural sand mining plan, no month temporary state.

(3) the strength of artificial sand, including weathered rock, soft rock...
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