Implementing Rules and Regulations

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implementing rules and regulation
Pursuant to the provisions of Section 59 of Republic Act No. 9003 , otherwise known as the "Philippine Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000," and by virtue of Executive Order No. 192, Serie

s of 1987, the Department of Environment and Natural
Resources hereby adopts and promulgates the following rules and regulations PART I
Rule I. Preliminary Provisions
Section 1. Title
These Rules shall be known and cited as the "Im
plementing Rules and Regulations of the
Philippine Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000."
Section 2. Purpose
These Rules are promulgated to prescribe the procedures and guidelines for the implementation of the Philippine Solid Waste Management A
ct of 9003 in order to
facilitate compliance therewith and achieve the objectives thereof. Section 3. Scope
These Rules shall lay down the powers and functions of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Department of Trade and Industry, all other concerned
agencies and local government units, the rights and obligations of stakeholders and the rights and duties of the people with respect to the implementation of the Ecological Solid Waste Management.

Section 4. Construction
These Impleme
nting Rules and Regulations shall be liberally construed to carry out the national policy of adopting a systematic, comprehensive and ecological solid waste management program consistent with the pursuit of sustainable development. The Rules also cover su

pport actions such as research and studies on solid wastes, providing technical standards and guidelines for effective waste management systems. Section 5. Administrative and Enforcement
These Rules and Regulations shall be administered by the Secretary or his duly
authorized representative or thorough any other department, bureau, office, agency, local government units, state university or college and other instrumentalities of the government for assistance in the form of personnel, facilities and other resources as the

need arises in the discharge of its functions.
Rule II. Declaration of State Policy
Section 1. Declaration of Policies
It is the policy of the State to adopt a systematic, comprehensive and ecological solid waste management program whic
h shall:
a) Ensure the protection of public health and environment;
b) Utilize environmentally
sound methods that maximize the utilization of valuable
resources and encourage resources conservation and recovery; c) Set guidelines and targets for solid w
aste avoidance and volume reduction through
source reduction and waste minimization measures, including compos t
ing, recycling, re
use, recovery, green charcoal process, and others, before collection, treatment and disposal in appropriate and environmentall
sound solid waste management facilities in
accordance with ecologically sustainable development principles; d) Ensure the proper segregation, collection, transport, storage, treatment and disposal of solid waste through the formulation and adoption of t

he best environmental practices in
ecological waste management excluding incineration;
e) Promote national research and development programs for improved solid waste management and resource conservation techniques, more effective institutional arrangement
and indigenous and improved methods of waste reduction, collection, separation and recovery;
f) Encourage greater private sector participation in solid waste management; g) Retain primary enforcement and responsibility of solid waste management with loc al
government units while establishing a cooperative effort among the national government, other local government units, non
government organizations, and the private sector;
h) Encourage cooperation and self
regulation among waste generators through the
application of market
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