Milennium Park

Topics: Millennium Park, Chicago, Chicago Loop Pages: 20 (6387 words) Published: October 14, 2014
Brejé Shaw
Professor Ong
Writing and Rhetoric II
08 December 2013
Final Essay Draft
Millennium Park is an interactive park featured with many different works of public art such as The Bean and Crown Fountain. What individuals of society don’t know is that it has had an impact by attracting new businesses, enhancement in real estate values and its ability to attract retirees and tourists. Ever took a walk Downtown Chicago to visit the most renowned landmarks? Well if you haven’t then you should do so. I’m sure that most of us have seen pictures of them and taken pictures with them. I may not have grown up in the Downtown area, but I can tell you one thing whenever you take a trip Downtown bring a camera and checkout the most exciting sculptures that were designed and handcrafted by skilled artists from around the world. My favorite place is Millennium Park, where the Crown Fountain is I like to go there whenever I’m stressed and take the opportunity to relax as well as write my inner-thoughts down. So I thought to myself why not rediscover what it mean to other members of the community, coming from all walks of life. First, and foremost I will be taking a history viewpoint by discussing things about the artist, as well as inspiration that inspired the artist to make the piece. Then I will be taking the personal approach and focus on why was it so significant? As well as questioning “How has it impacted or effected society today?” Not just for me but for members of the community. As well as providing real interviews in my essay. Secondly, I will be looking at the secondary sources that I used to convey this proposal as well as analyzing some main points to my sources as well as previous reviewed texts we discussed this semester. Then I will be looking at the primary resources, my experience going to Crown Fountain; captivating my reader’s attention through visual perspective making them feel, touch and visualize that they were there through sensory detail. The development Of Millennium Park is a success story in its own. Many people believe that it needs to be seen as an element of a larger goal to expand Chicago and fill it with more residents, workers and visitors (Uhilr). Jon B. DeVires, AICP, founding director of Chicago School of Real Estate, Roosevelt University and a CAP consultant reported and said “We’ve had two decades of extraordinary economic growth in central area of Chicago. How do we position to continue that growth, and maybe in the future expand on it? (Uhilr). The Park’s economic impact has been tremendous says DeVires. It can be measured in increased demand for Downtown services. In recent reports DeVires estimates that the Park, with between 3 and 4.4 million visitors annually, increases hotel earnings by $42-58 million a year, restaurant earrings by $67-87 million, and retail earnings by $53-71 million (Gilfoyle, 19). Critically, speaking in reports that the park has helped downtown businesses replace suburban shoppers with tourists, conventioneers, and park visitors. About 30% of downtown retail business, roughly compared to shoppers provided a generation ago (Chicago Traveler). DeVires also reported that the Park is helping turn offices to residential housing provided by commercials for new developments found in the West Loop. He stated that “This was not a strong submarket before that Park was constructed. We’re seeking an average bonus for units near the Park of $100 per square; we’re seeing absorptions of 30 to 50 percent faster than projects away from the Park. Translating into additional $1.4 billion in residual values. (Gilfoyle, 18).” Millennium Park continues boosting and demanding investments, while adding changes to encourage development and preserve historic character districts. Millennium Park was planned in 1997, while its construction was completed in 2004. The success of this project is proved by a number of awards for design and construction of the park and certainly by millions...

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