Disney World

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I need help with my outline. My main points are
1. History of Disney World
2. Physical Layout
3. Rates/times/accommodations
I just don't really know how to get things going about the history need some help please
History is all about facts, figures, and influence.

History of Disney World
1. Conception - Where was the idea conceived? Was Disney World planned, or did it evolve? 2. People Involved
3. Opening Day
4. Disney World Today (This could also be your first point)

Physical Layout
1. Location in World/US/Region/State/County etc.
a. Access - How do people get there?
b. Accommodations - Hotels, Restaraunts, etc.
2. Park Layout
a. Rides
b. Attractions
c. Architecture
d. Plantings

Rates Times and Accommodations
1. Current Rates
a. Packages
b. Parking
c. Peak-Offseason

2. Accommodations
a. Getting There
b. Getting Around
c. Hotels
d. Rental Cars

Disney World began on the drawing table in 1960. Walt Disney wanted to create a place where anyone could experience the joys and wonders of childhood regardless of their ages. He also wanted to include the latest in technology and By 1995 it became a reality as the first families entered the gates. Today Disney expects a yearly visitor count of 2,000,000 families. It's the happiest place on earth and has every attraction imaginable from rides and water parks to dining and shopping. Where am I talking about? Disney world of course! According to Walt Disney World Media Relations, Disney World is the number one vacation spot in the entire world and attracts people of all different ages and cultures. I have personally been to Disney World well over twenty times, which is not always a good thing, especially when you are being forced to go with your family and miss spring break at the beach with your friends! However, I do have to admit that even on that particular trip, which I pleaded desperately not to go on, my family and I had a wonderful time together. Disney World is a wonderful...
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