Disney in Paris

Topics: Paris, France, Seine-Saint-Denis Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: April 17, 2013
January 18, 2012

The cultural environment

Closing case: Disney in Paris

Q. Was France the best place for the location of Euro-Disney?

First of all, if we analyzed the demography and the economy of Europe in order to invest, we have to take into consideration the European megalopolis. Let’s describe what is the European megalopolis. It is the third biggest one of the world, she start from London in UK and is extended to Milan in Italia, she include Belgium and largely French and German border. But Paris is not actually included in this megalopolis. However, Paris is extremely well interconnected with Europe and is also the macrocephala center of France which was the in 1992 the most powerful country in Europe. Moreover, the deciding factor is that France has developed the most important and fastest train network of Europe of the world thanks to “TGV” technology. Disney company buildt its resorts in a particularly strategic place called Marne la Vallée in Seine Saint Denis province. Indeed, this place is beneficiate of a spacious area that the province choose to focus on specialized and enormous infrastructure. To encourage that, the Seine Saint Denis county introduced a lot of taxes advantage, social free taxes zone. In addition, it was excellent long term investment opportunity in the real estate due to the increase of real estate value and price. A second option that could be interesting is Germany but the French government is more flexible and allowed more taxes advantages compared to this last one. Nowadays, it is confirmed by an actual massive German investment on French territory. In this case, Paris appears as the best location for a new Disney park because of its prestige and reputation all around the world. It is also the first touristic place where 27 million people spend their holidays including 18 million foreigners. Foreigners spend 37 billion euros, that means 48.4 billion $ pear year in France to compare with Canada, a western country,...
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