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Pros and Cons of Public Art
Assignment 2

Winn, Laura

In July of 2009 the Introduction of public art came to light when the Yakima city approved the installation of Convolution, a modern sculpture created by Bremerton artist Will Robinson. The attention gained by the debates of the Convolutions placement has brought public art in Yakima, and polices of the Yakima Arts Commission to a high in the community. An adverse reaction was given when the placement of the Transcendence took place. Will modern public art contribute to our communities in positive ways or will it negatively affect the community.

The Idea of a sculpture or other public art form for Front Street in Yakima Washington came from the plan of restoration of the historical district in 2004. When the original plans fell through the city council made the decision to place a donated sculpture “the Convolution” in front of a locally owned restaurant The Depot owned by Karl Pasten. Pasten became outraged by the notion of modern art being placed into a historical district stating “…to me it looks like three-dimensional graffiti." A long seven month debate arose from the disagreement on placing the sculpture. The sculpture eventually placed in its original location bringing joy and interest to some and defeat to others but not before creating a new pathway for public art. In light of the controversy around the Convolution, the city of Yakima has adopted the Resolution R-2009-166. In which they established The Yakima Arts Commission which will regulate the development of, and recommendation to the City Council, policies and programs that will enhance and encourage the planning, placement, and maintenance of public displays of art in public places. The Yakima Arts Commission will take each piece into deep consideration looking a topics such as Does the piece stimulate excellence in community design and public arts?, Does the piece enhance community identity and place?, Does the piece...
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