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Marketing Project Report on

“Nothing like Anything”

Under the Guidance of: Dr. Kartik Dave
By Group 1 Mayank Baheti (13IB363) Rohit Rakhecha (13IB341) Apoorv Mishra (13IB314) Deepakshi Mahajan (13IB320) Karamjeet Singh (13IB325) Prabhjot Kaur (13IB336)

It gives a great pleasure in realizing the work in a report form. Report consist all the minute detail of our project. It has the details of the marketing of the mobile phones and the detailed study of Micromax mobiles.

We hope and wish that this project work will be liked by all and any one finding any drawback is highly welcomed for any suggestion. You may discover what we may not know of, so do send in your valuable views and suggestions.

Thank You.

By Group 1 Mayank Baheti (13IB363) Rohit Rakhecha (13IB341) Prabhjot Kaur (13IB336) Deepakshi Mahajan (13IB320) Karamjeet Singh (13IB325) Apoorv Mishra (13IB314)

Project is an agglomeration of the theoretical, practical and technical concepts, which enhance our skills in the field of marketing. Projects play a strong role in the building up of strong personality

No endeavor can be single handily accomplished. Thus, we take the honor and privilege to express our deep sense of gratitude to our project mentor Dr Kartik Dave under whose guidance we got the opportunity to learn a lot. We are sincerely grateful to them for enlightening our path and for his encouragement during the tough times.

We feel a great sense of gratitude to Dr. Kartik Dave without his guidance our project would have been incomplete.

MayankBaheti(13IB363) Rohit Rakhecha (13IB341) Prabhjot Kaur (13IB336) Deepakshi Mahajan (13IB320) Karamjeet Singh (13IB325) Apoorv Mishra (13IB314)

Cellular Industry

Evolution of cellphones
From past 15 years the mobile industry has grown dramatically, which can be attributed to technological, regulatory and competitive factors. Today, the mobile users are more than 80 times of what there were in 1990; corresponding to an average growth rate of more than 40 percent and this lead to an increase in revenues by almost 30 times per year on an average. This strong growth can be at least partly attributed to increased competition following further market entry and the dramatic price decrease. As exclusively using a mobile telephone is much less expensive than a fixed-line telephone connection for some consumers today, this will lead to an increased intermodal competition between mobile and fixed-line telephone even further.

In all markets, competition and the resulting prices strongly depend on the competing firms' cost structures. For mobile telephone networks the cost structure has high fixed and common costs and relatively low variable or incremental/marginal costs. The main part of a mobile telephone operator’s costs therefore does not vary with the number of participants, calls or connection minutes, but it is fixed and, furthermore, to a large extent also sunk, which acts as a major disadvantage. Building a mobile telephone network and developing a brand name are largely specific investments, which cannot be recovered at all or only partly if an operator goes out of business. If these investments cannot be used as planned they have to be written off completely or at least to a large extent. Exactly such a cost structure with high sunk fixed and common costs and relatively low incremental costs is decisive for competition and price setting.

Competition Intensity in Mobile Telephone Markets
Even when a firm’s price structure is efficient without competition, the price level may be inefficiently high resulting in an allocative efficiency loss. In general, prices will be the closer to the allocative efficient price level the more intensive actual or potential competition is in a market. In a market without significant entry barriers firms will enter up to the point where an additional firm would not be able to operate without losses....

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