Mexico intends to sell 60% with the oil oligarchs exploration area benefiting Enterprise

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Mexico oil oligarch plans to open "hybrid operation" of the door to private capital . Deep integration of your ink tends to power cooperation , such a worldwide tender to Chinese oil businesses to supply a "into " opportunities in Mexico .

April 1 , Chinese Economic and Commercial Counselor with the Embassy of Mexico in the Mexican media quoted the sources said , the Mexican national oil business (Pemex) intends to sell more than 60 % of your area of ​​oil and gas exploration business to a private area of ​​this area reached 245,000 square km. reports indicate , Pemex has submitted a document for the Ministry of Energy of Mexico , the firm recommends that the Division of Energy by tender to sell ten of these locations , all of the world's oil providers can participate in the tender . sand mining equipments manufacturers

In comparison with China 's " two barrels of oil," a higher degree of monopoly of Mexico oil , only state-owned Pemex this " barrel of oil " . " 1st Monetary Daily" reporters queries Pemex site facts discovery , the organization will be the world's seventh biggest oil producer enterprise , this is Mexico 's biggest companies within the country's sole oil and gas producer , has contributed a considerable part of the federal government's fiscal income.

Brandished a knife to a monopoly is always to commence at the end with the Mexican energy reform thrust . Below this reform, the legislature to modify the current Mexican " constitution " in some provisions to allow private and foreign capital in to the Mexican energy industry , which implies , has been nationalized Mexican oil fields for 75 years are going to be officially open to foreign investment.

Earlier, the Mexican presidential palace site revealed the certain areas of crude oil on the open private capital , including refining, transportation, storage and distribution sectors . Touches as interest parties , Pemex got some "comfort measures "...
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