Mexican Immigration

Topics: United States, Immigration, Mexico Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: September 29, 2005
Title: Mexican Immigration
Specific Purpose: To inform classmates on the causes and effects of Mexican immigration Thesis Statement: The causes of Mexican immigration is a combination of "push/pull" factors, where conditions in Mexico push them out and opportunity in the U.S. pulls them in, where they actually become an asset to the U.S. economy.

Attention-getting material: Imagine waking up everyday to hunger, hopelessness, and despair, knowing that you cannot do anything about it, knowing that next door there is opportunity, and that the grass is greener on that side, and the only option is to stay where you are and starve or find a way to make it to the other side. This scenario is one that millions of Mexicans face or have faced, and the issue of Mexican immigration has once again become a hot topic, after 9/11 and during this conservative fever that seems to be sweeping the nation. Credibility material: For my speech I have used six credible sources three books and three Internet sources for statistics. Jorge Castaneda Mexico's former foreign minister wrote one of the books that I used, the other two books were written by Dale Maharidge and Andres Oppenheimer, Mr. Oppenhiemer is a columnist for the Miami Herald. My Internet research was gathered from the Census Bureau, and The National Catholic Reporter respectively. PREVIEW: Throughout my speech I will be explaining the causes of Mexican immigration or as many scholars and myself refer to it as the "push/pull" effect, to a degree I will also be discussing the effects of Mexican immigration.

I.First main point: Mexicans distrust of the negligent Government, "push" many out A.Subpoint or supporting material: Mexico's economy is a growing economy, which makes it hard already for its inhabitants but what makes it worse is that the Government is corrupt and negligent which makes it even harder and hinders progress. According to Andres Oppenheimer 87% of Mexicans distrust...
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