Metal of Pakistan

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The good name and fame associated with business graduates are attributed to the food high level of studies, both inside the classroom and in practical field environment. This aspect has made them prominent among other students. The students of business administration are not restricted to the bookish neither teaching nor they are required to become cramming parrots. They are made to observe how theory is transformed into practical and how bookish principal is applied to different situations. Our department faculty believes the saying “practice makes a man perfect”. It immense pleasure for me to compile a comprehensive report on the historical view. Establishment, objectives, financial analysis and ratio analysis of the big giant industry Pakistan Steel mills During MBA program, every student is provided opportunity for internship I variety of trading, manufacturing, social and service organizations.

I feel it privileges that my internship in-change and placement selected for me internship in the Pakistan Steel. For completion of my internship I stayed at head office of the company in Karachi. I made studies on different department of the organization. I conducted the financial and ration analysis of the organization of last five years. Company Staff cooperation with me was appreciable. They provided me all relevant information that helps me to complete the report successfully. I also study that how the different sections perform their activities. During my study I saw that the organization is making immense activities to meet the steel requirements of the country and to make good environment of competition in steel sector. The company has renders all type of services to satisfy its customers. I am not hesitating to say that I really learned a lot about the company during my assignment as internee.


I am very thankful from the core of my heart to honorable chairman Pakistan steel Mr. Mueen Aftab Sheikh for providing me opportunity for training and who’s intelligent, wise and sound leadership has converted manpower in to wining combination by this industry into a gold mine. I wish to express my deep gratefulness to Qaisar Saleem PEO (HRD) for his consideration and supervision. It was a memorable time in Pakistan Steel due to his kind concern. I am also thankful to Mr. NISAR A KHOWAJA/incharge HRD and Mr. YOUSAF AYOUB for his precious advice and for the great encouragement and cooperation, because of which I have successfully completed my internship training at Pakistan Steel where I learned a lot.

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