Metabolism of a Mouse

Topics: Metabolism, Cellular respiration, Adenosine triphosphate Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Metabolic Rate of a Mouse Lab Write-Up

A . The purpose of this experiment was to measure the oxygen consumption of a mouse in which I concluded that they would have less consumption considering their much smaller size. It turned out that they produced 60 O /min which means they use about 0.0024 cal/min or 3.5 cal/day. That is indeed less than the amount we humans use, but if the given the mass of a human, they would use 15, 313 cal/day which is more than the 2,000 calories we use on an average day. Although, my hypothesis was still supported since the fact remains, they consume less oxygen.

B. Being that humans and mice are both mammals, they use very similar metabolic pathways to oxidase food and thus produce ATP. But given that they have enormous difference in size, they of course have different metabolic rates and amount of oxygen consumption. Based on what I know, I believe that the mouse will have less oxygen consumption and a faster metabolic rate.

C. 1) radius= (.15) height=(8.5) (3.14) x (.15) x (.15) x (8.5) = 0.600525 ~ 0.60 O /min. 2) 0.60 0.03755ml/gram/minute
3) A. 0.60ml x 0.004 calories of energy = 0.0024 cal/min B. 0.0024 x 60 x 24 = 3.456 ~ 3.5 cal/day
4) 3.5 x 70,000 = 245,000 16 x X = 16x 245,000 / 16x = 15,312.5 ~ 15, 313cal/day

D) My belief was that the mouse being much smaller, would have less oxygen consumption, yet fast metabolic rate. My hypothesis was supported because through the lab, it became known that the mouse only consumed 60 0 /min which meant they only use 3.5cal/day compared to our use of 2,000 calories a day. No doubt, we consume more oxygen at our given mass. But, if ever the masses of both humans and mice were equal, the mice would definitely use up more oxygen. Some possible sources of inaccuracy in this experiment would be miscalculation of the mouse’s mass as well as measurement of the radius and diameter. At the molecular level, the oxygen is used as a final...
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