Analytical Essay on Animal Testing

Topics: Medicine, Disease, Health Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: March 16, 2009
Animal testing: Right or Wrong?

The writer of the article on states that: Experiments on living animals are leading medicine further and further from the real cure Because animals react to both diseases and medications differently from humans they should not be used Animal research has not aided in the fight against any major disease There is no connection between animal testing and human health A totally new approach is needed instead of animal testing

Experiments on animals are leading medicine further and further from the real cure The writer begins his article with a quote in which it is stated that animal testing brings humans further away from the truth. The quote also points out that the writer does not know of an instance in which medical science(and animal testing) has helped save human lives. I, however, retaliate against such a comment because both medical science and animal testing have brought about a lot for us humans. For example, if it weren't for animal testing, penicillin and aesthetics would not have come about. Also, without medical science most of today's medications would not exist.

Animals should not be used because they react differently to substances than humans do The writer states that “Not only do animals react differently from humans where drugs, experiments and vaccines are concerned, but they also tend to react differently from each other.” He also says that ignoring these differences will be very costly to humans. Even though he puts forward this argument very effectively I do not agree with this point because, -as stated in many articles- for the majority of experiments, mice, -which share 99% of their genes with humans- are used. With the advent of genetic engineering technology, genetically modified mice can be generated to order and can provide models for a range of human diseases. Mice are also used in place of other animals because they reproduce...
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