Animal Testing Outline

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Weldon 1
Animal Testing
Thesis Statement: Animal testing is wrong because it is inhumane, costly, and unpredictable.

I. Animal testing is inhumane
A. Torture
B. Type of testing
C. Effect on the animal
II. Animal testing is costly
A. The cost of testing
B. The cost of research
C. What else we could be spending money on
III. Animal testing is wasteful and unpredictable
A. Mass Murdering of animals
B. Endangered species
C. If it works on animals it may not work on humans

Weldon 1
Hunter Weldon
Mrs. Smith
1st Period
Animal Testing
Animal testing has been a controversial topic for many generations throughout the world. People against animal testing say that animal testing is cruel and inhumane and we should not be able to experiment on animals. They argue that alternate resources and methods are available to scientist so that testing on animals can be avoided. Also, they argue that humans and animals are so different in their genetic makeup that the results taken from testing on animals can be completely different than on humans. People that support animal testing say that many important medical discoveries have been found using animal testing and that it is very beneficial to finding cures and also finding harmful things as well. For instance, the vaccine for polio was developed by the testing of rabbits, monkeys, and rodents (Hayhurst 9). They also acknowledge that there are strict regulations used in laboratories to prevent animals from being mistreated, however we see many mistreated animals. Performing test on animals is mistreating animals. Scientist also state that animal testing is the only way to observe and research a living organism, however what is the purpose in testing on animals when the test are meant for humans? Is animal testing really beneficial or is it just a waste of money and animals life? Animal testing is not right because it is inhumane, costly, and unpredictable (Should Animals be…). Animal testing doesn’t benefit anything, it hurts peoples wallets Weldon 2

and it hurts animals.
All lives are created equally, no matter if you’re a human or an animal. Life is life and one life isn’t any different than another. Humans, being on the top of the food chain, seem to forget that lives are equal and what they’re doing when it comes to animal testing is wrong. Animal testing is torture. Humans don’t look at it from the animal’s point of view. Imagine yourself, born in a lab in a cage. All you do all day is lay there and get fed substances that aren’t good for you, but you have to eat it or you’ll die? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get poked and prodded with sharp needles all day. What kind of life is that? This is what millions of animals go through each year. It is estimated that about 26 million animals are tested on yearly (Should Animals be…).

“Ninety five percent of animals used in experiments are not protected by the federal Animal Welfare Act, which excludes birds, rats and mice bred for research, and cold blooded reptiles such as retiles and fish (Should Animals be…)” The Animal Welfare Act was passed on August 1966 by President Lyndon Johnson and it was amended three times, in 1970, 1976, and 1985. The Animal Welfare Act is the only law in the United States that regulates the treatment of animals in research. It’s a shame that only five percent of animals used for researching are protected by this act. All animals should be protected when it comes to testing. It’s not fair how some animals are protected and others aren’t.

There are many different types of test used on animals. Scientist and researchers are coming up with new stuff to test animals with by the day. Some types of test used on animals are: eye and skin test, where chemicals are poured into each eye without pain Weldon 3

relief, which can cause blindness in the animal and severe pain. An eye irritation test was used in the 20’s by using mustard gas...
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