Message to Garcia

Topics: Elbert Hubbard, Military, Soldier Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: October 6, 2013

Upon first reading A Message to Garcia, written by Elbert Hubbarb, you will become aware of the fact that the goal of the author is to outline the core values of being a good employee. These values include taking initiative, accomplishing tasks with little instruction, and simply acting promptly without complaining. A Message to Garcia discusses these points and encourages readers to become the messenger and not the typical unwanted employee. In becoming the messenger you will not only be the go to person at work, but also more likely to succeed at any task that you will be given.

Having initiative is one of the most important values to have as an employee, whether you are a civilian or a member of the Military. Initiative is the ability to initiate action without being told to, or to follow through with a plan energetically. When your boss or chain of command does not have to tell you what to do or when to do it, it helps them focus on the tasks at hand that may be of greater importance. Completing tasks with simple directions also helps because your boss does not have to waste long periods of time showing you what you must do in order to accomplish the mission. He must be able to provide direction, but allow you to take independent action and be willing to find answers on your own. As an employee you must do everything to standard without being lazy or attempting to take the easy way out.

Throughout the workforce you will find certain individuals who will complain or ask questions like, “Why them and not me?” An employer knows who these people are within his work structure and will never depend on them for anything. When promotions come up or better opportunities are available, individuals in this group of people will be the least likely to obtain them. As a member of the Military I have seen situations like this first hand and hear complaining about “why is he getting this” or “why is he getting that?” The problem is that they never...
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