no room at the top
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The point of view of the Lewis Latimer was chosen because he is the Supervisor of the Special Test Operations. Mr. Latimer has a better understanding about the problem as well as the possible solutions to address them.

A. Macro Environment Analysis
Technology. Electronic calculators are highly dependent in a rapidly changing environment of electronic technology.

B. Industry Environment Analysis
Customers. Because the Technicians are becoming less motivated, the products being created may not have the same quality as before. Thus, possibly affecting customer satisfaction.
Competitors. Unsatisfied employees, particularly those belonging to Technician A category, may seek better opportunities from other competing companies. The competitors could take advantage of this situation since Technician A employees are the highly-skilled ones.
C. Company Analysis
The Technicians belong to the production group of the company, having a critical responsibility of ensuring high-quality calculators to achieve profits for the firm. However, the motivational problems of the Technicians affect the work schedule and at the same time their attitude towards work.
Decrease in work productivity after reaching Technician A status.
Human Resource.
Creation of employee classifications according to skill and performance
1. Professional vs Non-professional classification: College graduates belong to the professional group while the rest belong to the non-professional group
2. Technician Classifications: Three technician classifications based on expertise and number of years in service.
3. Super Grade Classification: As proposed by Frank Duncan, the Operations Director, are for deserving outstanding employees under the Technician A category.

D. Discussion of the Case Issue
Mr. Latimer has a problem of motivating his technicians because it seems that there is no career growth for them,

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