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1-A)KIS has done so much to help me become a better person and a better student, so the least I can do is serve on its student council committee. B)Since I am senior, I would love to help this school now because I'm probably never going to get the opportunity to help it again. C)Being a member of the student council would be written on my brag sheet which would help me get into whichever university comes to mind.

2-A)Organized- Being an organized person will help me tell people what to do and which roles to take. B)Creative- Posters that are creative and colorful will grab students attention and make them want to participate in any activity. C)Responsible- Deadlines are very essential when it comes to student council

3-I am not going to be committed to anything other than the KIS student council because I want to put all of my effort into making this the best year KIS has ever witnessed.

4-There is not one school rule I have broken in the past 13 years. People who are with me, usually follow school rules because that is the kind of influence I have on people.

5-I have never experienced leadership, but I am the kind of person who like to offer his help and put all his effort in something he believes in.

6- Why you should choose me? Is not the question, Why I chose to run is the question? I heard stories about how KIS used to be the best in Egypt, how kaumeya students used to lead and other's follow, how they were the most respected teenagers all around Alexandria, most well mannered and educated and grew to be the kind of parents their children look up to. Unfortunately all these great things faded away gradually during the last 5 years. I think if anyone asked me last year or even 2 months ago are you happy you're graduating from kaumeya? My answer was going to be : NO! But that changed the moment I started the 1st day of this school year I sensed a change : new system , new activities , new teachers. I hope to be a part of that change and help...
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