Mergers and Acquisitions and Video Clippings

Topics: Mergers and acquisitions, Strategic management, Corporation Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: March 21, 2011

No company today is in a particularly stable environment. Even traditionally stable industries have witnessed and will continue to experience, turbulent change. Companies that occupy a dominant market share in their industries must change, sometimes radically. The change may be a short – term or a long – term one. “Change or die” is the cry worldwide. Some changes are planned and some unplanned that happen all of a sudden. Change agents are the persons who act as catalysts and assume the responsibility for managing the change activities.

The topic for our group was:
Why organizations change..??
As part of the assignment, our group had shown two video clippings from two different movies, one from “Corporate” and the other from “Rocket Singh”. The one from “Corporate” depicts that, one of the several reasons for change in organization is due to the merging of the organization with another organization, that is, one brand with another brand. In the movie, the company “Sehgal Group of Industries“, SGi, merges with the foreign company “Friskon International” and hence as a result of the merger, there occurs a lot of changes in the organization namely, the culture of the organization changes, the technologies used in the organization gets upgraded, the people in the organization that is the employees are exposed to a new working environment, a new culture, a complete new set of objectives and goals, new vision and mission.

The other clip from “Rocket Singh” shows that, change may also occur as a result or strategy to compete with the competitors. In the movie, the company “Rocket Sales Corp” applies new strategies to compete with their competitor, who is the first mover in the PC segment. Initially, the first company takes it lightly but when they start losing all their clients to the newly emerged “Rocket Sales Corp” then they start to panic about the situation. The company started discussions on it with...
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