Memo and Letters

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Memos and Letters

Product: Format for Memos

Date: Write out to avoid confusion (Use Standard English format: Month/Day/Year To: Name, Position- up to 3 people
(“Distribution” requires a list of recipients at bottom for accountability) From: Your Name, Position (Initials in ink)
Subject: ALL CAPS (Focus + Topic)

Date: September 10, 2009 (NOT 09/10/09)
To:Joe Blow, Purchasing Supervisor
From:Jack That, Printing Dept. Manager
(SINGLE SPACE the body and skip lines between sections)
• Why are you writing?
• What do you want?
Clearly/ Politely
Most texts suggest there are 3 ways to begin:
• Ask a question- (?)
• Make a statement- (.)
• Make a request or recommendation (Politely ask- tell) ends with (.) Discussion:
Line to introduce bulleted list of specifics:
• Clarity/Conciseness/Accessible-
o simple words
o specific details and questions
o readable and short sentences;
Highlighting techniques improve readability
• Itemize (bullets/numbers for priorities)
• White space
• Headings, bold, italics
Be Specific-
• Avoid vague words: “better performance” vs. “70% improvement in deliverables” • Avoid negative words: “If we do not get your response by…we won’t…” vs. “your response by…will allow us…” • Ask specific questions: “What are requirements for the program?” vs. “What is the minimum SAT score required?” “What is the deadline for application to UF’s nursing program for 2009 fall term?” • Tell the reader what research was done before you made the request or recommendation. • Mention one or two alternatives, and why your recommendation is best. • Show the positive impact of your request or recommendation.

• Complimentary- “Attaboy!” Feel good, friendly
“Your excellent attendance record is an example to us all.” • Directive-
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