Interoffice Memo

Topics: Vice President of the United States, Zachary Taylor, President of the United States Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: October 17, 2014

Part A: Interoffice Memorandum
Phoenix Advertising
Interoffice Memorandum

DATE: July 23, 2014

TO: Gregory S. Forest, President; Zachary Sylvan, Vice President of Operations; Lauragina Soto, Vice President of Human Resources; Al Gucciardo, Vice President of Public Relations Operations; Troy Richards, Vice President of Marketing Operations; Devi Dewdat, Vice President of Advertising Operations; Deborah Hugo; Vice President of FinanceThe Executive Team

FROM: Lauragina Soto, Vice President of Human Resources Management

SUBJECT: Roanoke Branch Update

In recent months, the Roanoke office has had complaints from four clients. Customer satisfaction is declining; this is partly due to low morale among the branch’s employees. It has come to my attention that some of the graphic designers and art directors feel that their ideas are not being taken seriously. All the while, employees are work longer hours without proper compensation. We must give our immediate attention to this situation as Roanoke handles some of our biggest clients. We must also be sure the employees we hire are being treated as part of a team.

As an executive team, it is very important to reach out to the Roanoke branch to find out the root of the problem before the entire company is affected. Here is my proposed plan of communication with the branch: • Zachary Sylvan – Speak with Roanoke’s clients to see if they can give any feedback as far as trends they might be seeing in the branch’s operations. • Al Gucciardo – Speak with the Public Relations department employees and get their feedback • Troy Richards – Speak with the marketing department employees for their feedback • Devi Dewdat– Speak with the advertising department employees for their feedback

Please put together a report from each person you speak with by July 31, 2014. I will meet with Michelle Garner, the HR director of the Roanoke branch to discuss the issues. We will then hold an executive meeting to...
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