Interoffice Memorandum

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interoffice memorandum

In this memo, is the annual budget for the Atlas Police Department? This is a written breakdown of every decision made by the Chief Aren Johnson. My base salary is $111,299.84 for the chief needed for the Atlas Police Department. I hired an assistant chief to aid me in my decision. The assistance chief salary is $102,312.96. I hired a patrol captain and the salary is $88,298.24. I hired three lieutenants needed to cover all three shifts and total salary of all three is $234,670.08. I also hired 14 sergeants spread evenly to cover each shift. The total salary of all 14 sergeants is $891,735.04. I hired 6 sergeants for day shift for each shift to overlap one another, with the inclusion of a solo sergeant. I hired 5 sergeants to cover overlapping shifts because it is the busiest shift. Since night shift is the slowest, I hired 3 sergeants. I hired 145 police officers: 135 regular police officers and ten solo police officers. The total amount salary for the officers is $7,834,547.20. A monthly allowance of $450 to each solo officer. I purchased 136 crown victorias at a total cost of $4,284,000.00. I purchased 9 Chevrolet impalas at a total cost of $268,884.00. I also purchased 20 ford explorers at a total price of $499,840.00. In conclusion of my purchases, I purchased 11 motorcycles for my 10 solo officers and 1 for my Solo sergeant. I purchased 136 crown victorias for the simple fact that these cars and really fast and could withstand dangerous road conditions during pursuits. They are also reliable and last longer without any maintenance and repairs. I purchased the 9 Chevrolet impalas as backup for the officers. I purchased 20 ford explorers for The SUV type and the storage the explorer withholds. This is the entire summary of everything purchased for my department.
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