Medical Office Training Manual

Topics: Waste container, Automatic waste container, Emergency medical services Pages: 15 (2947 words) Published: January 20, 2007
Calladae OB/GYN
Employee Training Manual
K. McClary - Instructor
August 8, 2006

Ieshia Alexander
Le'nci Battle
Caylen Gaither
Alyssa Hall
Danielle Sheppard

Table of Contents

Office Hours and Staff1

Job Delegations2

Telephone Procedures4

Routing Chart5

Fax Machine Use6

Appointment Scheduling7


In Office Patient Emergency Situations 11

In Office Emergencies 12

Disposal of Waste Products 14

Office Hours and Staff

Calladae OB/GYN

401 Sanford Drive(404) 555-4400 Phone
Atlanta, GA 30086(404) 555-6000 Fax

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday 8:00 A.M. till 5:00 P.M. Friday 8:00A.M. - 12:00 P.M. Saturday and Sunday - Closed We are also closed on all Federal Holidays.


John Calladae MD, Lead Preceptor Yvette Margo MD
Pager (404) 555-1863 Pager (404) 555-8940

Lisa Powell MD Brian Gann MD
Pager (404) 555-3838 Pager (404) 555- 4616

Nurse Practitioner

Nancy Holloway, NP, RN.
Pager (404) 555-2546


Job Delegations

Nurse Practitioner
Our nurse practitioner is able to delegate a lot of the physicians' responsibilities as well as the medical assistants' responsibilities. The NP is able to do routine examinations, as well as diagnose common diseases. He or she may also at times be required to perform minor surgical procedures (wart or mole removal, and sutures and their removal.) A NP has the authority to order labs, and discuss the results of them with the patient. He or she is also permitted to prescribe medication and counsel patients.

Medical Assistants

Office Proceedings - Our Medical Assistants have multiple responsibilities. The setting up and cleaning of all exam rooms will be the responsibility of the MA. They are also to clean, disinfect, and sterilize all instruments. Ordering and stocking supplies is also delegated among the Medical Assistants.

Patient Interaction - Our Medical Assistants are the first of our employees to greet our patients in the back office. They will lead and/or assist the patient to the vitals' area. Once there, they will take a brief history, check vitals, obtain urine samples, and walk the patient to the exam room. It is our office policies that cover up sheets for the patients are to be placed on the exam table, in the patient's view.

Assisting Physicians and Nurse Practitioners - The Medical Assistant(s) will assist the physician(s) and/or Nurse Practitioner(s) in all examinations. This will include prepping the exam room for the procedure(s) and discussing the given orders with the patient(s). We allow our Medical Assistants to advise our patients on preventive measures, disease information, and healthy lifestyle habits (dieting and exercise). An MA is also permitted to discuss normal lab results with the patient. No MA however, is permitted by law to diagnose any condition or prescribe any medication.

Our receptionist will answer the incoming calls, schedule appointments and check patients in and out of our office. They will be responsible for directing patients' questions and/or concerns to the appropriate personnel. They may also be required to pull and file patients' charts.

Billing/Insurance Specialist
2This specialist is held responsible for filing insurance claims. As well as receiving patient calls with questions regarding their billing statements and/or insurance claims. They will handle all billing disputes and they will bill patients for their visit(s). They are responsible for setting up payment options and plans and for collecting payments from patients.

Surgery Coordinator
Our Surgery Coordinator will work with our physicians, and...
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