Preparing Office for Patients Arrival

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Preparing the Office for Patients Arrival|
Office Duties|
India HornsbyHS 120, Section 01Unit 5 Project 2Kaplan University | 4/3/2012|


There are a number of duties that should be completed before the patients arrive to the office. Preparing ahead of time will help with the flow of the day. If employees get everything completely prepared for that day more than likely the day will be less stressful and the office will run smoothly. Employees should always arrive earlier than the patients to get the office ready for the patients. Some duties that should be completed before the arrival of patients include: turning on all equipment, calling the answering service to collect messages, making copies of appointments and pulling medical records, replenishing the examination rooms and restrooms, and making sure prescription pads are available for the physician. When the employees arrive to the office they should make sure all equipment is turned on that is being used for the day. This may include but not limited to, computers, laboratory equipment, copy machines, and faxes (Kinn’s, 2007). All light in the office should be cut on. If quality-assurance tests need to be performed on any of the laboratory machines, run the tests and record the results (Kinn’s, 2007). It is important to have the equipment cut on because you never know when you are going to need it. For an example, if an urgent message was being sent through fax and the fax isn’t on then you will not receive the message. Employee need to make sure they call the answering service to collect any messages that were left while out of the office (Kinn’s, 2007). The employee that is in charge of this duty that morning need to make sure they have the phone message book handy. Each message should be recorded into the message book, and include all information that is necessary to properly respond to the message (Kinn’s, 2007). Recoding the messages in the message book ensures...
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