medical care in china

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Current Medical Care in China
With the development of the economy, Chinese government continually tried to conduct the reform and innovation of the health and medical care system to improve the quality of the population. Health and Medical Care System

To achieve the goal of universal coverage, the Chinese government carries out lots of strategies and measures which can be summarized as “four beams and eight pillars” (Si Liang Ba Zhu). The “four beams” includes public health care, medical care, health insurance and essential drugs (CHSI, 2009). The public health care is designed to achieve the equitable provision of basic public health programs to all residents. The medical care system will focus on improving health care quality and efficiency for all the residents. Health insurance, which includes the new rural cooperative medical scheme, the urban employee-based basic medical insurance scheme and the urban resident-based basic medical insurance scheme, will be strengthened by increasing government financial support and improving management. Finally, a system will be established to ensure the provision of essential drugs of a reasonable price and quality (Liu, 2002). China currently has two medical systems

China currently has two medical systems: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated and imported Western medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated in China well over 3000 years ago, and has since transferred to almost every corner of the world. Based on treatments which is attempt to restore the balance and harmony to the body, nearly a quarter of the world’s population use TCM as the first medical resort Today. Even the most Chinese hospitals have traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine (made in china) and imported medicine, the price of the Chinese medicine is much lower than the imported western medicine. The big problem of the insurance system is that the imported medicines are very expensive and are not covered by the health insurance. However, some hospitals would like to prescribe the imported medicine to the patient to increase the sale of the hospitals. There are two insurance systems in China, business insurance and the state basic insurance. However, the business insurance is very expensive and unaffordable for most people. The basic state insurance only covers 60% of the fee.

Medical security system
Because of the market operation of medical institutions, technical level, equipment condition in the big city hospital are getting better and better. The city community hospitals, particularly in rural hospitals to maintain hard, gradually atrophic, even reached the point where they cannot survive. The government health investment most goes into the big hospital, which aggravate the degree of the differentiation. At present, 80% of the country's medical resources concentrated in the big cities, of which 30% is concentrated in large hospitals. Results are that the city people ran into large hospital for treatment, rural people ran city and large hospitals are overwhelmed. small hospitals there. 2/ Because of the lack of compensation mechanism, it is very hard for the government to reduce the drug price and the pursuit of profit maximization gradually become the major missions of the hospital. Due to the medical market is a special market and the asymmetry of doctor-patient, market competition often makes higher price. For example, in order to get better position in the competition, medical institutions tend to compete to purchase advanced equipment, which are already in short supply in our country the repeat configuration and waste of medical resources, to recover the cost and get profit as soon as possible after device is purchased, often excessive medical services. The health care industry as a special industry, it is easy to form the market monopoly status. The market monopoly under the condition of medical treatment charge will inevitably continue to...
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