U.S. Health Care system

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Running head: U.S. Health 1 U.S. Healthcare System
HCA 497 Health Care Studies Capstone
Instructor: Jennine Kinsey
September 9, 2013
U.S. Healthcare 2 U.S. Healthcare System
Many people believe that the current of health care in the United States is the best health care in the world however it has major shortcomings that has become more visible for the whole world to see. The United States has the most expensive health care system in the world based on health expenditure per capita and on total expenditures as a percentage of gross domestic products. And also view has having the worst assess to the healthcare system for the poor and uninsured along with the quality of care that one does not receive being uninsured and poor. In this paper I am going to describe the general policy making viewpoints that exist today on each of the following healthcare issue like access to healthcare, the cost of healthcare, and the quality of healthcare a patient receive from the provider. And also analyze the role of five major stakeholders that has influence healthcare and how one’s receiving healthcare as a patient in the United States. The world we know today has come long way since the 1900’s in healthcare and how one’s access healthcare and how one’s going to pay for the cost of the treatment they receive as a patient and the type of quality care they receive if one’s have healthcare insurance. Millions of people in the United States are affected by not having access to quality healthcare and these include the elderly, uninsured, minorities are at risk of for the lack of access to United States healthcare system due no having no healthcare insurance, or the cost of the care they might receive and they quality of care they...
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