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INTRODUCTION & HISTORY Amul was formed in 1946, a dairy cooperative movement in India with 250 liters of milk per day with name KAIRA DISTRICT CO-OPERATIVE MILK PRODUCERS’ UNION. A brand name AMUL is managed by Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF). The brand name Amul means “AMULYA” (suggested by a quality control expert in Anand). This word derived form the Sanskrit word “AMULYA” which means “PRICELESS”. Amul has spurred the white revolution of India, which has made India the largest producer of milk and milk products in the world and the White Revolution has finally created a billion-dollor brand. Today Amul dairy is No. 1 dairy in Asia and No. 2 in the world , which is matter of proud for Gujarat and whole India. Amul has more than 150 chilling centers in various villages. Dr. Verghese Kurien, former chairman of the GCMMF – the man behind the success of Amul. December 13, 2011 The Amul Pattern has established itself as a uniquely appropriate model for rural development. Amul has spurred the White Revolution of India, which has made India the largest producer of milk and milk products in the world. It is also the world 's biggest vegetarian cheese brand [2]. Amul 's product range includes milk powders, milk, butter, ghee, cheese, curd, chocolate, ice cream, cream, shrikhand, paneer, gulab jamuns, basundi, Nutramul brand and others.

‘UTTERLY BUTTERLY DELICIOUS’ AMUL BUTTER was the first product which was officially launched by AMUL in 1945. It has been a market leader during the last 4 decades. AMUL BUTTER is made from Butter, Common Salt, permitted natural colour- Annatto
PRICE:Providing butter at a basic, affordable price to appeal the common masses. This helped AMUL BUTTER to create its brand image in the household sector of the society. Rs.87 Rs.18
PLACE: A Global Distributor GCMMF is India 's largest exporter of Dairy Products. It has been accorded a "Trading House"


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