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In 1929, Peston Edul Polson established Polson Model Dairy at Anand to manufacture butter, ghee and casein and in 1944; the Bombay Municipal Corporation Milk Supply was inaugurated. Monopoly rights were awarded to Polson for Procuring milk from Kaira. Amul's genesis is linked to the freedom movement in India. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, an eminent Indian freedom fighter encouraged the dairy farmers from the Kaira district in Gujarat to form a cooperative to counter the 'exploitatively' low prices offered for their milk by the monopoly milk Supplier of the area, Polson's Dairy. The dairy farmers met in Samarkha (Kaira district, Gujarat) on the 4th of January 1946, and decided to set up a milk producers' cooperative that would deal directly with the Bombay government, the final buyer of their milk. This was the origin of the Anand model. {draw:frame} Initially, when the Bombay government refused to deal with the cooperative, the farmers called a strike. The government finally relented when Bombay went without milk for a fortnight. The successful union registered itself as the Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers' Union Ltd. (KCMPUL), Anand, in Gujarat in December 1946. And so did GCMMF and brand AMUL establish consequently. AMUL LOGO AND ITS IMPORTANCE

The main motto of Amul is to help farmers i.e. Milk producers. Amul system works under objective of highest possible compensation to the milk [reducers and lowest possible price to consumers. Farmer are paid money in cash payment for the milk. Milk gives them money for the daily necessities. Amul is the one who started using their profits for the milk producers common good. ORGANISATRIONAL STRUCTURE

The systematic and well define organization structure play a vital role and provide accurate information about authority and responsibility chairman & managing director to superintendents and workers. The organizational structure of amul is very clear and well arranged structure. Chairman

Vice Chairman
Managing Director
General Manager
Deputy Manager
Assistance manager
Deputy Superintendent
Senior Officer
Junior Assistance
The full form of Amul is Anand Milk Union Limited that is the brand name of Kaira District Co-operative milk producers union limited for its product range since 1955. Amul is a union of milk producers co-operative societies located at Anand collecting milk from the districts of Anand & Kheda. The dairy is not only producing & supplying milk to the cities but also engaged in production of wide range of milk products like butter, cheese, milk powder & Indian milk based sweets. The objective behind this co-operative movement is to give maximum financial return to the milk powder in the 100 of villages from where the dairy collects 100000 liters of milk collect a day, also on the other hand, Amul brand of milk products with the high quality standard are distributed all over the country & also exported in some parts of the world. In addition to this the co-operative also takes care of price factor for its & users / customers. Organisation profile:- {draw:frame}

Quality of Milk:- The union has obtained ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP certification. It is, therefore, imperative that AMUL focus and lay emphasis on quality. Board of Directors
Office Timing
{text:list-item} Total Number of Suit
Shri B. B. Bhabor
Special Auditors
Milk Union Anand
Milk Procurement
Milk procurement has reached to 4686 lakh kgs i.e. 13% rises in milk procurement. Production & Sales
Union has received 7.6 % more milk than last cheese production and sales has grown the growth 23 %. Over the previous year powder...
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