Mechanical Systems

Topics: HVAC, Electric motor, Electrical engineering Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: March 2, 2013
How my work environment is impacted
by electrical and mechanical systems


Casey Smith

In partial fulfillment of CEN416


Every day I go to work I am bombarded by a huge amount of Electrical and Mechanical systems. These systems impact my way of work in every aspect. If electrical and mechanical systems were to not work properly it could cause serious injury or even more likely, death in my field of work. This paper will explain in short just a few of those ways electrical and mechanical systems impact my way of work.


I am a diver and my colleagues and I depend on electrical and mechanical systems every day. I guess to start off our day we depend on electrical systems such as lighting to light our office to see what work has been put out for us to do and also heat ventilation and air conditioning systems to keep it comfortable. Once we have our days work load we then move to a combination system, one that uses an electrical motor to drive an air compressor. This is probably our most important system we deal with on a daily basis. This air compressor uses an electrical 440-volt AC motor to turn what is called an air compressor block. The air compressor block works like an engine block on your car but in reverse. It uses the electrical motor to turn a crank shaft on the compressor block, this crank shaft move pistons up and down (four of them to be exact), and just like your car they have an in-take phase where they suck in air and exhaust phase where they push air out. The only difference is that these four pistons are in series, they have no compression phase, and are consistently smaller as the air goes from piston one to piston four. In-between these pistons there are cooling coils very similar to an air conditioners condenser coil. As the air is compressed it generates heat so it goes through the cooler to remove some of the heat before going into the next piston. After the air travels through all four pistons it is...
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