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Mechanical Engineer

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According to the University of Tulsa (2010), Mechanical Engineering is one of the best fields of the engineering spectrum. Other engineering professions include electrical engineering, civil engineering, and structural engineering among others. Mechanical engineering is found to be the most interesting of the careers available engineering professions because it affects all aspects of activities carried out by human beings like health, leisure, education and work. It always involved in such fields as manufacture and design of almost all things that include computers, WebPages, microchips, motorways and as if that is not enough, cars are also designed by mechanical engineers.

The foundation of a mechanical engineering career is formed by one engaging him/herself in practicing and educating him/herself in mechanics, mathematics, design, energy and heat. Mechanics should include fluid mechanics for still water and even analysis of superheated gases that flow in space vehicles.

One should give it priority to be trained in mechanical engineering profession because mechanical engineering is one of the broadest fields among the various engineering professions one can take. Therefore one should consider attending the highest quality training college or university so as to achieve my life long awaited dream and also to achieve a wide pool of knowledge in the field. One needs to be aware that the standards of education required for a person wishing to take a career in mechanical engineering have been revised upwards so that only the best persons only achieve this profession. One should taken it upon him/herself to perform well in school and pass with very good grades so that he/she can get a place in one of the best schools offering this professional training.

Almost in every area of industry, there are jobs for mechanical engineers. In the future, the opportunities that open up include getting oneself in research, manufacture, design, management, marketing and development. These areas are found to be common in all businesses in the world.

One should also consider it a priority to constantly redesign, improve and even invent equipment. When I find a job in this field, one needs to be dedicated to all the duties assigned and even carry out more research work in order to achieve the best and be the best engineer of all time.

Since there are many universities offering degrees in the mechanical engineering field, this means that there are also many courses in the field. This calls for one to check the prospectuses of these universities before applying for this course. He/she should first ensure that the degree will be accredited and recognized by the institute of engineers. One will thereafter take four years and this should lead him/her to MEng qualification. This will make the mechanical engineer to be recognized as a graduate engineer. He/she will thereafter take one year in the field doing practical work experience while still in college. So as to achieve Initial Professional Development (IPD), after that, one will need to spend at least four years so as to gain approved work experience after graduating. This will pave way for him/her to be chattered.

The first attracting feature to this career is the knowledge with which one combines to qualify for it. Englishmen say that knowledge is power. One needs personally, to be prepared to meet this challenge. He will take his time and dedicate it well so as to achieve it. The career keeps one young and enlightened always. He acts as a source of knowledge that lights the word and makes it a better place.

Another motivating factor for a person to live aspiring to be a mechanical engineer is the salary package that comes with it. It is so encouraging and really enables one to live happily and get to enjoy the fruits of his past investment. The parents feel good of their child having prospered in the engineering field as he/she can support them when they become old.

The other attracting feature is that there are many opportunities to grow in the mechanical engineering field. With time, one may need to progress my education. There are also opportunities for these. One can do masters and even PhD in mechanical engineering so as to become an inspiring tool for upcoming mechanical engineers. Professionally, a mechanical engineer will appreciate in value with time because of the experience he/she has. Within a very short period of time, the value of hiring an engineer can triple because the experience he/she has coupled with technological advances, will make a mechanical engineer to be a valuable asset that no company would like to loose. What happens then is the increment in payment so as to retain this big asset.

Joseph (1986) speculates that in the future, to ensure that a mechanical engineer is at par with the changing world of engineering, he/she should make plans to take part in forums organized by mechanical engineers so as to keep in touch with the changing world. The engineer will always review my skills and add new technology to it through reading journals and even taking more courses in order to cover more areas of the mechanical engineering career.

As a summary, mechanical engineering is considered the origin of all the engineering professions in the world. For example, for a civil engineer to construct a road, he/she shall need land movers, that are basically designed and manufactured by a mechanical engineer. For a structural engineer to build a high-rise building, he/she needs to consult a mechanical engineer for pulleys and design of plumbing services. For an electrical engineer to repair and maintain a workstation, he needs tools that most likely designed and manufactured by a mechanical engineer. Therefore considering all these, mechanical engineering is considered to be the backbone of all the engineering fields known to man and this should be a guideline to encourage on to take a career in mechanical engineering.

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