Measures to Prevent Crimes During Festivals.

Topics: Burglary, Theft, House Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: April 3, 2013
By:Cheryl Cheng

House burglary has been on the increase these two last years.This is especially so during festive seasons early in the year 2013,the two festivals of Deepavali and Christmas were celebrated in the last three months of the previous year followed by Chinese New Year.Many houses were left unoccupied for a week.Most of us traveeled back to our hometowns to celebrate with our families.The thieves took advantage of yhi.There was a spate of house burglaries.

Houseowners should therefore takew preventive measures.This is what they can do.First.y,make sure that their house is properly secured.All doors,windows and grills must be properly locked.Check the fences.Make sure there are no holes or breaks in the fence or walls.Check the house compound to make sure that there are no ladders around.Crowbars that can be use to break grills and door should also be kept away.

Houseowners tend to become careless with their valuables.All these should be kept locked up.Jewellery and important documents and cash should be in a bank safe and not in the house.

Lastly,it is a good practice to inform your neighbours or the nearest police station if you are going away from your house for more than two days.Get a favour from the neighbours by asking them to swtich on an off the lifhts in your absence.A lighted house will deter the thieves.A useful evice to fix is a timer.It can be switch on and off by itself.It would be wise to stop all newspaper or magazine for the duration of the period that one is away.

So if one wants to prevent his house from being burgled,take precautionar measures.The safety of your house is in your hands.Likewise,the chances of burglary are also in yours.
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