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Topics: Teacher, Risk, Emergency evacuation Pages: 4 (1161 words) Published: June 22, 2013
TDA 2.8 health and safety
3.1) Outline the importance of taking a balanced approach to risk management. Children should be encouraged to think about risks and given more independence, so they are more likely to grow in confidence. If a child’s experiences is limited its likely that the child may find it difficult to assess and manage risks on their own .If we become to obsess about their health an safety, we may affect their learning development and abilities. Sometimes it’s good to offer them challenging environment for them to deal with risks under our observation also when a child sustain or witness injuries they gain direct experience of their action and choices. 4.1) Recognise and respond to emergency situations.

Evacuation: raise the alarm, collect register, evacuate the children, once outside take register and inform parents. Missing child: Inform head teacher, find out child’s where about, search rooms, outside areas, inform police, parents. Continue to search. Fire: Raise the alarm, collect register, evacuate the building with children’s, do not take personal belongings. Once outside take register, call 999, if needed inform parents. Unauthorised visitors: Ensure safety of children’s .Inform head teacher, ask person to leave. If person refuses to leave, call the police. Vandalism: Ensure children’s safety, inform the head teacher. Assess the risk, take photographs. Organise to clean up the mess. 4.2) Follow the settings procedures for dealing with emergency situations: Accidents: There should be enough first aiders for school and school trips to deal with accidents. First aider box should be checked regularly. Its important when your off site you always have a first aider along with the first aid box and any other medical requirements of children your with. FIRE: You need to know the procedures for fire and emergency evacuation for your school. Purpose of fire its important to prevent yourself and the children’s from...
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