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Topics: Intravenous therapy, Central venous catheter, Peripheral venous catheter Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: February 5, 2014
1. Different methods to administer IV drugs include:
1. As mixtures within large volumes of IV fluids
2. By injection of a bolus or small volume of medication through an existing IV line or intermittent venous access 3. By “piggyback” infusion of a solution containing the prescribed medication and a small volume of IV fluid through an existing line 2. An IV bolus is when you administer a small amount of fluid directly into the systemic circulation in order to deliver the medication. 3. Volume controlled infusions are when a fluid is within a secondary fluid container separate from the primary fluid bag. It is administered in small amounts (50 to 100 mL) and connects directly to the primary IV line or separate tubing which inserts into the primary line. 3 types are: piggyback, volume-control administration sets and mini-infusion pump. 4. A piggyback is a small (25 to 250 mL) IV bag or bottle connected to a short tubing line that connects to the upper Y-port of a primary infusion line or intermittent venous access. 5. An intermittent venous access (saline lock) is an IV catheter capped off on the end with a small chamber covered by a rubber diaphragm or specially designed cap. 6. Things to consider when administering IV in the home include: 1. Before patient/family leaves for home, make sure they are instructed on IV care management. 2. Know how to recognize problems and what to do if these problems occur or who to contact for assistance. 3. Know how to recognize signs of infection/complications (inflammation at site, adverse reaction to a drug, etc.) 4. How to provide maintenance to the IV administration equipment and how to properly discard of needles or contaminated equipment if used. 7. IV cannot be delegated to assistive personnel.

8. Determining compatibility means that the nurse will look at all IV fluids, additives and medication that the patient is ordered to receive. Online database, drug reference book or the pharmacist will be used as a...
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