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Topics: Spirituality, Theology, Personal life Pages: 5 (1657 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Sondra Rule
Liberty University

The author of this book Mark McMinn explains how psychology, theology, and spirituality can all be integrated into Christian counseling. He discusses the difference between the three overlapping principles. He wrote this book especially for Christian counselors, pastors, as well as students so that they may clearly understand the meaning of the three principles, allowing them to apply it to everyday problems. The main question this book poses to answer is, How does a Christian counselor integrate their faith into a counseling session in a way that can be beneficial to their clients. He discusses the problems that counselors and clients face in a counseling session and ways to improve them. Some of the ways he mentioned to improve counseling sessions were prayer, scripture, the effects of sin confession, forgiveness, and redemption. This book main purpose is to assist the counselor in integrating the three categories. He feels that if a counselor can master this, then they will be able to give their clients the very best services. The most important thing to realize is that this process will not be easy for the counselor or the client but, if done right it can be very rewarding for them both.

The author starts the book by describing some of the challenges that Christian counselors encounter while trying to integrate psychology and spirituality. He explains how spirituality is different from psychology and theology by breaking it down into a simple statement, “We can become more or less competent in the spiritual disciplines, training ourselves to experience God more fully, but we can never be spiritually competent.” (McMinn 2011, p. 11). He goes on to describe psychology, theology, and spirituality, how they are similar and different. His explanations are put in a way that is easy to understand, he also gives examples of how they can be applied to real life situations. He talks about the importance of scripture and how it can be very beneficial in a counseling session. However he does stress that clients can only be truly changed by scripture if they can carry it on outside their sessions, and make it apart of real life. Even though it can be helpful to some it is not something that can be used with every client, it is up to the therapist to know what is best for every client. He also talks about the power of prayer. He discusses the different types of prayers and also the different situations in which each prayer is to be used. He also lets us know that prayer may not be for every client so it may not be the right technique to use in some those therapy sessions. McMinn (2011), goes on to discuss sin and the importance of looking at in with a theological perspective. If the counselor is able to get the client to really understand their sin, they can then get to a point of forgiveness. The therapist can help the client get in the best position possible to accomplish forgiveness, but it is up to the client to actually forgive themselves for their sins. The author also discusses the subject of redemption and how it can be established in different therapy models; such as object relations, cognitive, and Adlerian.

This was a interesting and informative book. This book was wrote to help Christians integrate spirituality into a counseling session, and to let counselors know that they can't just act one way in the office, they have to carry their spirituality outside their sessions. It is just as important for the client to know that the counselor is behaving the same way outside the office as they do when they are around. He also discussed how some counselors would like to help clients through the use of Christ, but they don't know how. The author shows how to help clients by using examples of everyday life situations. This book is a good way to help Christians add to their knowledge about...
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