Mcdonalds Marketing Strategy

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McDonald’s as a Global Franchise Everyone knows McDonald’s, every kid’s and adult’s favorite fast food restaurants. McDonald’s has successfully infiltrated different market economies around the world. McDonald’s first established in 1948 in San Bernardino in California, over 50 years, this cooperation has able to expand itself into 119 countries throughout the world. How did it become so successful? It took the smart approach and researched the taste and need in each country before entering the market. McDonalds is one of the biggest fast food chains around the globe. It has located itself in 119 countries over the past 50 years since it has been established. Even though fast food is eaten mostly in western cultures, McDonalds has positioned itself in every single continent, integrating into different countries culture. This company has successfully marketed themselves globally, and is a good example of a global brand that everyone recognizes despite of culture, gender, and ethnicity.
Different cultures have their own set of consumer needs, wants, and demands and to be a successful global fast food company they have to take those needs in consideration. McDonald’s has become such a global powerhouse, with 33,000 restaurants worldwide, because they were able to diversify items on the menu to fit consumer taste buds. In every country, McDonald’s still kept their classic meals – the Big Mac, French Fries, Soda (Coke, Sprite). There are just new products added to the McDonald’s menu. McDonald’s fourth quarter sale in 2012 has hit 6.82 billion, up to 9.8% from year-earlier period. For example, Chinese people like their food with a strong flavor. The McDonald’s menu contains items such as the Mc Rice, Mc Spaghetti, and the Burbur Ayem (chicken strips in a thick porridge with vegetables and hot peppers). Therefore in China, MacDonald’s created a menu that includes spicy chicken wings, taro pie, pineapple pie, red bean pie, (instead of just serving apple

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