Components for Planning Promotion Strategy for Mcdonalds as a Service Brand

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Business Pages: 3 (341 words) Published: October 27, 2011

Course Code:MS - 68

Course Title:Management of Marketing Communication & Advertising

Assignment Code:MS-68/SEM - II /2011

Coverage:All Blocks

Note : Answer all the questions and submit this assignment on or before 31st October 2011, to the coordinator of your study center.

1 a) Describe the role of marketing communication in effective marketing of a firm’s product/service offering. Unit 1.2

b) What is promotion mix? Explain the various components for planning promotion strategy for any service brand of your choice. Unit 1.6

2 a) Why is media planning important in advertising? Bring out the merits and demerits of the various media available to the advertiser. Unit 9.1, 9.6, 10.3

b) What are timing patterns used in advertising? Suggest suitable timing patterns in the following situations: Unit 10.3 a. Electric Small car
b. Soft Drink Concentrate
c. Tourism promotion

3 a) What do you understand by the term Direct Marketing? Trace out the current status of direct marketing being adopted by Indian firms in pursuit of product promotion. Unit 13.2 and Unit 13.3

b) Suggest the type of media that might be most appropriate for the following. Justify your answer. Unit 9.5, 10.2, 12.1-5

i) Rain water harvesting to conserve water
ii) Business school promoted by leading Indian corporate iii) Tourism promotion

4 a) Briefly discuss the components of an advertising strategy by taking any two products/brands of your choice? Unit 5

b) Make a visit to an Advertising Agency in your location or you is familiar with and try to study the role and responsibilities of a Creative Director versus Media Director and report the similarities or dissimilarities if any and the reasons thereof. Unit 16.3


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MS-68: Management of Marketing Communication
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