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Mcdonalds In China

Introduction: McDonald’s in China
McDonald’s is considered as the most successful and largest restaurant chain in the world. In 1990 McDonald’s opened its first store in Shenzhen China. In 1992, McDonald’s Beijing outlet was opened. There are more than 800 McDonald’s outlets in China today. This paper aims to analyze the importance and the extent to which culture affects the operations of McDonald’s in China. The impacts of the Chinese culture on the operations, policies and decisions of McDonald’s are studied as well as the changes brought about by McDonalds, a symbol of American culture, to the Chinese society. Two areas will be analyzed –employee relations (human resources management processes and policies) and restaurant operations.

No one can deny the success of McDonald's. As the global fast food industry, the absolute supremacy, McDonald's would give rise to any move to strong concern and shock the industry. Recently, the McDonald's high-profile on its official Web site announced that it will increase prices in the region and franchise stores range of options. In addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities and Suzhou, Wuxi, Zhejiang province a temporary joint venture and franchise business is not open to outside, in the second and third tier cities will open franchise business. to speed up its presence in China the layout of the market, some of the restaurant franchise fee may be as low as 200 million yuan or so. Meanwhile, McDonald's opened its official website a new "franchise" channel, which details the conditions of the franchise and the mode of application. As long as 200 million initial fee concession, investors have the opportunity to apply for operating a McDonald's restaurant . with the previous initial fee concession 8,000,000 yuan every turn, after this adjustment, the concessionaire had only 25% of the initial fee, in one fell swoop cut 75% of the initial fee, which for want of businesses and individuals to join McDonald's is definitely a major the good news. At the same time relative to the sweetness of the Chinese market before the franchise in the form of secret mode of operation, the McDonald's announcement also indicates that the high-profile McDonald's Marketing strategy in the Chinese market changes. McDonald's, according to official statistics, the world's 32,000 restaurants, 75% of franchising, McDonald's restaurants in the Chinese market nearly 1,200, only six for the franchise restaurant. McDonald's side said that the franchise will become China in the future important factor in the development of McDonald's business. McDonald's difficulties and challenges in China

October 8, 1990, China's first McDonald's restaurant opened in Shenzhen in April of 1992 and opened in Beijing's Wangfujing area was the world's largest McDonald's restaurant, on the consumption of thousands of people. Now, McDonald's already has in China more than 1,200 restaurants and employ more than 60,000 people, to become one of China's fast-food industry leader. However, even in the face of such results, McDonald's also feel ashamed. and also from the Kentucky side of the ocean relative to competitors ratio, although still with a global Neikendeji rival McDonald's is not a heavyweight, but in China, KFC, McDonald's has been far behind them. According to statistics, KFC in the Chinese market has more than 2,600 restaurants, McDonald's 2 times the number is more than the same time, competitiveness in a single store, McDonald's also significantly inferior to KFC, which makes McDonald's Kentucky Fried Chicken in China relative to the eclipsed light, no glory. Meanwhile, as the representative of Kungfu The rapid rise of the local fast food restaurant McDonald's has also formed a certain degree of positive competition. these are to come out on top in the global fast food market, McDonald's fast food supremacy faced the pressure of reality. 1, the localization...
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