Mayan Civilization Advantages and Effect on America

Topics: Maya civilization, Guatemala, Mexico Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Amayrani Mateo May 30,2012
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Mayan Research Paper
Did you know that Mayan civilization left back beautiful landmarks they made with their advanced technology? The Mayan spread throughout Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. They Mayans had really advanced technology to look at the sky and be able to make calendars. They were able to observe the sky and make inferences. The Mayan civilization was different from any other civilization. Mayan civilizations should be taught in schools because of their influence on today’s citizens, advanced technology and students should learn about another civilization that is really known but not taught in schools and so that people studying Mayans learn about the heritage.

Today, the astronomical and technological advances came from the Mayan civilization. Astronomers from the Mayan civilization created calendars that are more accurate then those of modern society. They have about eighteen different calendars that was created on the movement of the moon, the planets and the sun. In order to make this happen, they also created mathematical theories. With these theories, they were able to trace the path of the planets. Mayan civilizations have thousands of archeological sites across Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, and Southern Mexico. (

There is a connection between the Latino/ Hispanics student in Massachusetts and in the Mayan civilization. There is 15.4% of people in the state of Massachusetts who identify themselves as Latinos/ Hispanic. “Mayan civilization reached its height between 300 and 900 A.D... During this time, Mayan culture spread over much of Mesoamerica, including part of present-day Sothern Mexico, Belize, most of Guatemala, and parts of Honduras and El Salvador.” (Bower and Lobdell) There are things that we eat here that started in Mayan civilization. We eat things like maize, maize cobs and corn cob and other veggies....
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