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    An Expatriate Tour    in El Salvador source: This case was written by Susan Bartholomew based on personal interviews. Names‚ dates‚ and details of situations have been modified for illustrative purposes. The various economic‚ political‚ and cultural conditions described are presented as perceptions of the individuals in the case; they do not necessarily reflect the actual conditions in the region. The events described are presented as a basis for classroom discussion rather than to illustrate

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  • El Salvador

    The typical foods in El Salvador are probably one of the best foods anyone can taste! The food that most identifies Salvadoran people are "pupusas". You can find them anywhere you go. There are other typical foods from El Salvador‚ like chilate‚ nuegados‚ yucca‚ atol de elote‚ tamales (from pork‚ chicken‚ beef) and shuco. Except in large cities‚ which have supermarkets‚ most Salvadorans shop daily for groceries at an open air market. Beans‚ rice‚ tortillas and tamales (a type of corn dumpling

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  • Violence In El Salvador

    domain of psychology. The social and cultural aspects of the country have brought up most of the violence that El Salvador sees today. As stated above the gangs create majority of El Salvador’s violence. The members of the gangs in almost every case come from poor families and neighborhoods. The government through out the years has always taken advantage of the poor in El Salvador. El Salvador has resulted in a critical dissipation of domestic class relations‚ and a renewed and expanded condition of

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  • Economy in El Salvador

    After El Salvador’s civil war which lasted for 12 years the economy has experienced mixed results from the ARENA government. The ARENA party known as the Nationalist Republican Alliance started in 1981. ARENA government’s commitment to free market initiatives and conservative fiscal management that include the privatization of the banking system‚ telecommunications‚ public pensions‚ electrical distribution‚ and some electrical generation‚ reduction of import duties‚ elimination of price controls

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  • Oppression In El Salvador

    unifying idea of any sort that comes about‚ even over time. El Salvador had had a growing problem of the way its’ government was treating its’ population at the time due to the way the government was structured‚ and this lead to a demand for a better life. Even in the original 13 colonies‚ there was always something that the colonists conflicted over with the imperial power‚ which leads the question‚ how does the history of suppression in El Salvador and America during the years of conflict in the Salvadoran

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  • El Salvador a Business Study

    civil wars‚ and political corruption‚ El Salvador now finds itself poised for strong economic growth. There are several key factors that have created this position for El Salvador. The election of President Carlos Mauricio Funes Cartagena in 2009 has shown significant promise in the improvement of Salvadoran society. Already‚ Funes’ policies have demonstrated significant drops in violent crimes‚ a major deterrent to foreign direct investment in El Salvador. Education and healthcare reform are

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  • Environmental Problems in El Salvador

    just 8‚124 square miles‚ El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America. Like many of its’ neighboring countries‚ it possesses very few natural resources. Since the nation’s economy is based predominantly on agriculture‚ it’s no surprise that its’ citizens often experience “resource roller coasters”. In addition‚ its’ long history of inappropriate land tenure and ownership practices date all the way back to colonialism. Even more strikingly‚ “sixty percent of El Salvador’s population is

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  • El Salvador A Country Report

    El Salvador a Country Report 1.0 Introduction El Salvador or the Savior as the name can be translated is a very unexpectedly unique country. El Salvador is a country of many great geographical sites‚ a strange history‚ a blackened economic state‚ and an incredible agricultural base. The country has undergone many changes throughout its history. It was developed‚ owned‚ and operated by many different people and forms of government. This ?land of volcanoes? or ?the Savior? has been needed saving of

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  • The Plight Of Women In El Salvador

    Anabella Morabito 03/21/2015 During our spring break‚ two weeks ago‚ I had the privilege of going to El Salvador as part of a delegation to participate in a “reverse mission”. Part of our work in El Salvador revolved around being keepers of narratives‚ to listen‚ to validate‚ affirm and respect the life stories of different people. Among the people we met were myriads of women‚ who still now‚ as I process the experience‚ leave me breathless. Heroines‚ silent and pushed aside. Wo/men who resist

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  • How To Sympathize El Salvador

    In 1981‚ El Salvador was engaged in a brutal Civil war between the right-wing government supported army and several tiny left-wing “reformist” groups‚ or the guerrillas. The right wing is the conservative or reactionary section of a political party or system and the left wing is the liberal‚ socialist‚ or radical section of a political party or system. The rightist leaders‚ at the time of this war were in charge of the government‚ the “reformists” felt that they were not given a voice in their society

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