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El Salvador

The typical foods in El Salvador are probably one of the best foods anyone can taste! The food that most identifies Salvadoran people are "pupusas". You can find them anywhere you go. There are other typical foods from El Salvador, like chilate, nuegados, yucca, atol de elote, tamales (from pork, chicken, beef) and shuco. Except in large cities, which have supermarkets, most Salvadorans shop daily for groceries at an open air market. Beans, rice, tortillas and tamales (a type of corn dumpling...

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Oscar Romero and the Role of the Catholic Church in El Salvador

The Role of Romero vs. the Catholic Church: The Salvadoran Civil War The tragedies of the civil war in El Salvador brought focus to the many issues of oppression, under-representation, and inequality apparent amongst the Salvadoran working class during the later twentieth century. The outbreak of the war began much like civil wars in neighboring countries, consisting of the lower class demanding land and policy reformations, as elites feared the uprisings would result in socialist-geared politics...

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El Salvadorean Culture

March 2013 The Cultural Aspects of El Salvador El Salvador, like many Latin American countries, has customs that have been practiced for centuries and have strong ties to the past in everyday life. It is the smallest country in Central America and is known for its beautiful beaches and its namesake food: papusas. What makes El Salvador different than any other Latin American country is its miniature size and the manner that people care for one another. El Salvador has a togetherness aspect that is...

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Notes on the Battle of El Mozote

of the Salvadoran Army's select, American-trained Atlacatl Battalion entered the village of El Mozote, where they murdered hundreds of men, women, and children, often by decapitation. Although reports of the massacre -- and photographs of its victims -- appeared in the United States, the Reagan administration quickly dismissed them as propaganda. In the end, El Mozote was forgotten. The war in El Salvador continued, with American funding. When Mark Danner's reconstruction of these events first...

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The Massacre in El Mozote as Told by Mark Danner

The Massacre at El Mozote as told by Mark Danner takes place El Salvador. El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America. It shares borders with Guatemala and Honduras. El Salvador is divided into 14 departments and El Mozote is a village in one of the Departments called Morazan. According to the author, the Salvadoran Civil War 1979-1992 was a conflict waged by the Military led Government of El Salvador and coalition of left-leaning militias or guerillas called the Farabundo Marti National...

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El Salvador Fame

December 15, 2013 4th Period Spanish 2 Alvaro Torres is a very successful singer from El Salvador. He has recorded many very successful songs and albums for the Latin American Culture. He also had the iconic Selena record a duet with him, Buenos Amigos. Alvaro Torres was born in Usulután, El Salvador. His birthdate is April 9, 1954. Alvaro is most known for his singing career, but he is also successful in acting and writing. He was a short-lived actor in Selena: Greatest Hits starring...

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How to Make Pupusas

mistaken for anyone else (not including looks because my sister looks like me.) A lot of cultures are different in every way. Salvadoran is something that describes a lot of the Hispanics that are confused with many Mexicans in this country. In El Salvador pupusas is just as popular as pizza in the United States. It is something originated there and nowhere else in the whole world, until of course the immigrants came with them as they became citizens of this country. This whole essay is more of a...

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Elsalvador Is a Country with a Mixed Economy and Mixed Emotions About Its Economic Status

El Salvador is a country with a mixed economy and mixed emotions about its economic status. “A 12-year civil war, which cost about 75,000 lives, was brought to a close in 1992 when the government and leftist rebels signed a treaty that provided for military and political reforms.” (CIA.gov) The United States government played a questionable and decisive role in the war and has remained a major influence in the Central American nation ever since. According to the BBC News, the war was initiated by...

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Office Equipment Company

countries. In one of the, El Salvador, they encountered the problem that their manager announced its resignation. Therefore, they had to choose a suitable candidate. OEC didn’t have manufacturing facilities in El Salvador, but they had been selling there for more than 22 years at that time. The sales and profits proved to be improving every year. In 1993, OEC decided to construct a factory. The components of the machines would be imported and assembled locally as El Salvador could offer a big supply...

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Kfc-Stratefy for Developing

International Strategic Planning and Implementation STR/GM 581 March 31, 2011 Dr. Tim Becker, MBA Introduction Kentucky Fried Chicken has been established as a franchise in Latin America and the focus of this plan will be the El Salvador franchise. The strategic management process is vital and a well laid out plan is necessary. Consequently, by evaluating the background of KFC, the outcome should lead to a clear mission and vision statement outlining the purpose and goals of the...

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