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Guatemala This paper is written in an effort to inform the reader about cultural similarities and differences between Guatemala and the United States of America in expectation that cultural knowledge will be shared. This will be done by using internet sources as references. One of the differences is the food. Although both the US and Guatemala have a great variety of international restaurants, it is not as common for the citizens of Guatemala to eat in these restaurants; they are mainly for tourists...

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Gender Inequality in Guatemala

Rhode Island College Gender Inequality in Guatemala Final Exam Meredith Robinson In my final exam on the impacts of gender equality in Guatemala, I begin this paper with a case of writer’s block. Knowing that I must write about how the discrimination of women has impacted the economy on a political, social and economic level, I am somewhat at a loss as to how to begin to address the issue on the topic. Then I read a recent blog that a family member had written, titled “Let’s Stop Pathologizing...

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Guatemala Constitution Notes

Constitution Preamble The preamble of the country of Guatemala states that our constitution is made to help protect the people and their security. It may say that protects someone but unlike most it protects that person and their family. With virtually the same protections for people as America’s preamble states with living in Guatemala you can feel the same security as the people of America. As a person in Guatemala you want to grow and develop. Life is an amazing thing to have protected along...

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Compare Contrast Guatemala & Nigeria

Compare & Contrast Report on Guatemala and Nigeria – Teams 3 & 4 Section 1 – Introduction The following report is a compare and contrast of the viability for starting a business in either Guatemala or Nigeria. It will also include some details on the overall business climate of both countries and other geographic, social, and economic factors. Factors that we will discuss include standards of living, education, overall economy, infrastructure, communication, transportation, geographic, climate...

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Belize Guatemala Dispute

Introduction to Belizean History 1014 Sec 5 Mr. Sampson The Belize Guatemala Dispute The Belize-Guatemala Territorial Dispute Is an unresolved bi-national territorial dispute between the state of Belize and Guatemala, neighbors in Central America. Belize or Belizean- controlled territory has been claimed in whole or in part by Guatemala since 1940. Now in 2013 they plan to claim Belize again. “British Honduras faced two obstacles to independence: British reluctance until the early 1960s to...

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Belize Guatemala Territory Dispute

In 1940 Guatemala declared the Treaty to be void, alleging failure to implement article 7 (That the British build a road which they never did) A new Guatemalan Constitution in 1945 declared Belize to be Guatemalan territory Belizean culture and nationality developed throughout the 19th century (and the British became the minority). Self-government was achieved in 1964, but full independence was delayed until 1981 only because of the Guatemalan claim to the territory. Guatemala changed its...

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Civil War and Genocide in Guatemala

Civil War and Genocide in Guatemala Hundreds of families are fleeing from their small villages because an army invaded their land that was once their home. In Guatemala the rise of the civil war and postwar has caused a disruption in the nation and extreme violence. A war that has lasted about 34 years has forced entire villages to migrate and put the nation in a state of genocide. The cause of migration varies because it is believed that there were different factors that contributed to the rise...

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Cold War in Guatemala

The Cold War in Guatemala Guatemala is known for being one of the most dangerous countries in Central America; nevertheless, it is not its fault that it is the way it is. During the Cold War there were many factors involved and many events that led to the Guatemala of today. It all began with the election of Colonel Arbenz during the “Ten Years of Springtime” which ended because President Eisenhower was influenced by his connections to Guatemala´s “state within a state,” (TWT) the United Fruit...

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Guatemala and Spanish Cultures

Guatemala has more people than any other Central American country, with an estimated population of 11,980,000 it is home to many different cultures. The population can be divided into two groups; Indians and people of mixed Spanish and Indian ancestry. But in Guatemala, being called an Indian or a non-Indian does not depend entirely on a person's ancestry. It is basically a matter of how people live and of how they categorize themselves. For example, a Guatemalan is considered an Indian if he or...

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Caracteristicas de Guatemala como país subdsarrollado

la población es joven y se supone que esto es bueno porque hay mano de obra en abundancia. El problema es que no hay educación ni recursos para que le población pueda progresar. 2. Dónde: en toda la República de Guatemala. 3. Con Quien: Con todos los habitantes del país de Guatemala (especialmente en el área rural). 4. Cuando: 27 de febrero del 2003. 5. Posible solución: Lo que se podría hacer en este caso para solucionar este gran problema sería educar a la población acerca de las prevenciones...

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