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Level 2 Networking Principles (7540-002) Assignment A Introduction – Information for Candidates

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This assignment comprises all of the assessment for Level 2 Networking Principles (7540-002).

Health and safety
You are asked to consider the importance of safe working practices at all times. You are responsible for maintaining the safety of others as well as your own. Anyone behaving in an unsafe fashion will be stopped and a suitable warning given. You will not be allowed to continue with an assignment if you compromise any of the Health and Safety requirements. This may seem rather strict but, apart from the potentially unpleasant consequences, you must acquire the habits required for the workplace.

Time allowance
The recommended time allowance for this assignment is 4 hours.


Assignment A Level 2 Networking Principles (7540-002)

Level 2 Networking Principles (7540-002) Candidate Instructions

Time allowance: 4 hours Assignment set up:
This assignment is made up of two tasks: • Task A – Set up, configure and test a peer-to-peer network consisting of two computers • Task B – Manage user accounts on a network

A company, Signom Networks, provide installation and technical support services for clients networks. They receive requests from clients for network installation and maintenance and support services. Technicians are then sent out to a client’s site to provide the service required. Two jobs have been assigned to you. A Proot Printing, a small print service company using two stand-alone computers, require a network to be set up to allow them to back-up their daily work quickly and easily at the end of the day. Your manager has decided that a peer-to-peer network would satisfy this requirement and has asked you to visit the company to set up the network. A new LAN has just been installed for Aximo Marketing, a small market research company. The user accounts must now be set up. Your manager has asked you to visit the company and set up the user accounts.


Task A – Set up, configure and test a peer-to-peer network consisting of two computers In this task you are required to connect two computers in a peer-to-peer network and undertake some file and print operations on the network. You are permitted to use manufacturer’s manuals and tutor notes. 1 Produce the following planning document for the hardware and software requirements of the network: • • • • • •

the name of the operating system and the software publisher cable types and connectors required Network Interface Card (NIC) type and speed type of switch/hub and speed software required (eg drivers, client, sharing, protocol) specify anti-virus and firewall software.

Label this document planning.

Assignment A Level 2 Networking Principles (7540-002)



Use appropriate tools and safety/ESD protection equipment to: • • • • •

disconnect the computers from the power supply remove their covers conduct pre-installation checks on hardware components install the network cards into the computers make any required connections.


Ask the assessor to check the safety of your installation. After approval: • refit the covers • connect the computers to the power supply, switch them on and boot up • if the NIC uses software for set-up, use the supplier’s software or the operating system

utility to configure the NIC.


Install and configure the appropriate components to allow the computers to be connected in a peer-to-peer network including manually setting up the protocols. Take a screen print of the outcome. Set up suitable computer and workgroup names for all computers and take a screen print. Configure guest computer access using a password. Configure the computers to access resources to: • allow full access to all users to the hard drive on all computers • share the printer and give it a share name to include the printer’s make or unique




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