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Topics: Mass media, Critical thinking, Newspaper Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Week One


During the last century we as humans have allowed many major developments to occur in the mass media. We have convinced ourselves to find many different ways to communicate with one another and these devices have influenced the American culture in positive ways and negative. The developments all started with the steam-powered printing press which now has updated to a newspaper that they type up on a new device called a computer. We went from what they thought was simple communicating by writing letters, newspapers and telegrams to a more high tech environment that has easy access and is more convenient. These high technology tools consist of radio, internet, cell phones and televisions just to name a few.

These developments influenced American culture by distracting family quality time, affecting parenting skills, lacks of communication, providing vulgar and stressful messages and producing a lazy environment. It helps the American culture on communication, updates on world events, weather, entertainment, education, consumer information and marketing. For example the television has pros and cons. Pros consist of advertising for businesses, education guidance, consuming goods, politics, knowledge of what is going on around you and entertainment. Now if you don’t use this device wisely it can easily promote violence, low self-esteem, health issues and many more. The internet is in relation to television but provides any and everything you would like to know to where you don’t need to leave your home to acquire what you need. For example the television advertises it but the internet advertises, sells the product and delivers it upon your request. Therefore this can cause some people to not know how to socialize with others. So if we are not careful this instrument can destroy our American culture. When we promote this development to the younger viewers they are convinced that this is the way of life. We rely on these...
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