Mass Media Control

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Mass Media Control
Tambela Vaughn
Everest University Brandon Online


The research included within this paper is several online articles, periodicals, and related books to mass-media control and its psychological adaptation in an individual's mind. I also performed a media and mind control case study. I used my family for the subjects; my older sister who is a Licensed Practical Nurse (L.P.N.) and my mother who is a widow, an evangelist, and retired home nurse, for the control group, and my nephews who are fraternal twins, age thirteen for the experimental group. My observations were to observe both groups for a week during different intervals of media exposure. My nephews, the experimental group, were observed during and after watching television, using the computer, and listening to music. They were then observed when these forms of media were limited. My mother and sister, the control group, were observed during the limited periods of their television usage and listening to non-secular music. I believe there is direct correlation between adults and children who watch and listen to obsessive amounts of television, movies, news, and popular music and aggressive behavior, stress, dispositions, and sleep and eating habits. The case study observations supported this theory. Keywords: mass media, mass-media control, aggressive behavior, perceptions, adverse misconceptions, psychological adaptation, media nationalism, suggestive media

Mass Media Control
Mass media can influence opinions, values and beliefs of the general public by controlling the language used to report and communicate information. Our minds, throughout life, become a playing field for the producers to influence the consumers to buy into their various services, trends, politics, and products. It was stated by Abraham Lincoln, during the Gettysburg address that "government was for the people and by the people". Was this a dream of a president that perhaps would never come true? Not hardly; in the sense of the profound statement the governmental bodies, politicians, business corporations and various other producers would need the general public for their own agendas to prevail. In essence, if we don't demand the ideas, services, and products, then there would be no need to supply them. This is the reason statistics, product reviews, and opinion polls are needed, because this determines how the general public is being influenced. "These opinion polls are unreliable for a number of factors; a margin [of] error may substantially alter poll results. Also a bandwagon effect, joining what appears to be the winning side in a political campaign may occur…disturbing polling tactics can be used such as adding new and pointed questions to its routine polling (Collins, 2005). People are influenced by the media through learned psychological adaptation. The generation of today was exposed to this form of mind control at an early age. This causes us to adapt to this influence during the childhood developmental stage ensuring the mind manipulation would last into adulthood. Adults are not as susceptible to outside influences as children; however their minds are preconditioned to respond in a certain way to media suggestive statements and control. Our minds adapt involuntarily to our surroundings enabling what we see and hear to develop our personal truths. "There is an objective reality out there, but we always view it through the lens of our beliefs and values (Meyers, 2008, p. 6). Unconscious physiological responses induced by the media create involuntary wide spread view points. Our views are shaped from outside sources during brain development and adolescent stages. These views are shaped by our family friends, religious officials and the media. "The media is a medium between the government and the people; serving as an information center for the populace to know what is happening in politics and the world (Collins, 2005)." We rely on this medium...
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