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Sheila Volquez


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Sheila Volquez


Sheila Volquez

We all begin to wonder at a certain age what our purpose is, we wonder about our vocation. A very questionable concept, because it introduces contested notions such as destiny and the biological function of the human being. I, myself, never believed in it, due to my skeptical nature. At least, not until I realized that I was meant for communication. The term vocation could not have been better exemplified than in my case. Communication is my biological function. Indeed, I have Egyptian blood from my father and Colombian blood from my mother, pumping through my veins, and I, myself grew up in France and Qatar. Thus, I come from a very multicultural environment. I admit that, amidst all these identities, I find myself sometimes confused because the principles of these different countries are very opposed. However, I learned how to talk to people of these different cultures and of different social classes. I saw the core of poverty, lived with it and spent time alongside the opulence and wealth. I learned these people's values, lived with them. I realized that all these experiences are not trivial and they shaped me so that I could work in communication. My blood, my parents made me this way. Similarly, my destiny seems mapped out and shows me the way of communication. Effectively, apart from the advantages given by the diversity of my origins, my father happens to be an expert in communication. He unconsciously raised me so that I would think, talk and act like him. I inherited part of his insightful way of thinking, and most of all, the art of debating. In a way, we could say that he pre-formed me...
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