Mass Communication

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Mass Communication


Recent dramatic developments in all areas of human endeavour have also increasingly impacted various spheres of higher education in India. Besides, advancement in communication profession, strides in higher studies in mass communication have also witnessed profuse transformation in the course contents. The University Grants Commission, therefore, did well in constituting a Curriculum Development Committee in Mass Communication to recast various mass communication programmes for our Universities. Since gone for good is the era of journalism which was mainly crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s, journalism is now a part of larger discipline of mass communication. For, other areas of mass communication, such as radio, television, advertising, public relations, satellite communication and internet have taken over the entire of gamut of human communication. The Curriculum Development Committee (CDC) consisting of senior professors of mass communication from various Universities in its several sittings has finalised mass communication syllabi for B.A. (Hons.), M.A. and Bridge courses. While preparing the course content, the CDC also took note of the UGC workshops organized earlier in different parts of the country for this purpose. However, increased stress has been laid on new communication technology for obvious reasons. In the course content prepared by CDC, every effort has been made to update and upgrade all the present and emerging areas of mass communication. The CDC craves the indulgence of the departments of mass communication and professionals for any lapses. This document is a model curriculum and the departments can adapt it according to their requirements and local conditions. The CDC is indeed highly gratified to the UGC and, particularly, its chairman, the chief moving force, Dr. Hari Gautam, in its sustained help in completing this task which has been accomplished in a rather record brief period. It is earnestly hoped that this document will be of sustained use for the next few years, though revision, updating and upgrading is a continued process.

April 18, 2001

M. R. Dua Nodal Person Curriculum Development Committee In Mass Communication

Mass Communication



Though journalism education made its beginnings in the undivided India around early 1940s, the subject has travelled its long journey facing innumerable trials and tribulations. While partition was a setback to its progress, but it soon commenced its onward march. As the country developed economically and started acquiring its station among the new and emerging nations, the need and importance of journalism education began to be realized by media in particular and the academic world in general. Gradually, several Universities in the country instituted courses in journalism at certificate and diploma levels. However, it was in the 1960s and 1970s that several Indian Universities initiated teaching in journalism. In addition, it was during these two decades that the course content, degree nomenclature and departmental reorganization of journalism faculties in the Universities underwent drastic changes. The global strides in curricula, changes in areas to be covered and practical needs of the national mass media prompted the Universities to effect wide ranging changes at every level of journalism education. In the first instance, several Indian students who had gone to the US, Canada and the UK for higher studies in journalism, on their return to India suggested curriculum revisions. Some American Universities also offered collaboration for the advancement of journalism programmes to their Indian counterparts. Osmania (in Hyderabad) and Nagpur Universities were good examples. Secondly, rapid expansion in the industry in India has also taken place in a big way. Several new newspapers and magazines have come into being. Also, electronic media have surged forward. Along with print journalism, radio...
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