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Nowadays, many people are engaged in presenting factual events, opinions, features, and other topics which suites the taste of the public. These are usually written, visual, or audio materials intended for dissemination through public media. This is what we commonly call as, Journalism. A widespread issue with regards to this field has been concerning a huge number of people. Many had been questioning the totality of a show, an article, a film, or the like, whether it is accurate and precise or whether it is edited. Others are also interrogating the way certain topics are shown. They are deeply analyzing appropriate limitations on to what extent must be revealed in media, most especially in television.

One of the most well known media figure in the Philippines made a stand on this pervasive issue. He is Randy David, a journalist who currently pens a weekly column for Philippine Daily Inquirer. In his article entitled “Dog Eaters,” Randy David presented his subject through series of examples and situations. The writer mentioned that his observation on his children persuaded him to work on this subject matter; as stated in the opening paragraph, “ABS-CBN’s The Inside Story showed an episode on Filipino dog eaters last Tuesday which left me wondering exactly why watching it became for my family such an offensive experience.” Elaborating more on the topic, he included related information which he must have researched on, such as the documentary shown on a cable television featuring the trade on dog meat in Thailand, which he cited in full details and explained thoroughly. Other than that, the writer also stated supporting facts, for instance the news about Jonathan Galora, which he possibly obtained from his work. Randy David successfully provided reliable data which is enough to strengthen his claim, thus, presented his subject accurately and completely.

“They will likely justify this episode as an attempt precisely to jolt the viewing public into...
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