Mary Wollstonecraft

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Unequal Equality
Mary Wollstonecraft, as a writer, was mainly concerned about feminism in many of her works of literature. She lived from 1759 to 1797 and most of her views in her writings were regarded to women and their rights. In "of the pernicious effects which arise from the unnatural distinctions established in society", she thoroughly explains her views on how laws and how they give no rights to women and make men superior when everyone should be equal, property rights and how everything gets taken away from women once they get married, and class distinctions where women are supposed to be housewives that maintain the household and care for their children are all used to control women, which then deny their liberty and demean their lives. Mary Wollstonecraft lived with a father who was a heavy drinker and spender which eventually ruined the family when he left mary and her sister to support for themselves. Her experience with her father led wollstonecraft to further on become a governess, a teacher and later on a writer.

In the mid to late 1700s, the rights that women had were strictly limited up to the point where they practicly didnt have any. Apart from the fact that women were denied the right to vote, they were also denied the right to keep their own property after they married as well as their right to obtain a real education and further educate themselves to persuing a proffesional carreer. Wollstonecraft furhter argues against the statement that reads, " The laws respecting women make an absurd unit of a man and his wife and then, by the easy transition of only considering him as responsible, she is reduced to a mere cypher" ( Mary Wollstonecraft 661), by stating, "The rank in life which dispenses with their fulfilling their only duties to themselves as rational creatures and their duty as a mother neccessarily degrades them by making them mere dolls" (Mary Wollstonecraft 661). Her argument states that women can do much more than...
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