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Analysis of Marriott International:
A closer look

Marriott International was founded on May 15, 1927 by J. Willard Marriott in Washington D.C. It started out as a root beer stand which grew into a chain of restaurants and hotels (Marriott International Inc., 2013). Now Marriott International has around 3,150 properties for lodging in the United States and 67 in other countries (Marriott International Inc, 2012). The Executive Chairman is Bill Marriott and the President and CEO is Arne Sorenson. Marriott International was also ranked 217 in the Fortune 500 in 2012 but ranked number one in the fortune 500 for its industry (hotels, casinos, resorts) (Cable News Network, 2012).

The organizational structure of Marriott International is bureaucratic. This means that the organization follows the laws/rules and procedures closely (Marriott International Inc., 2013). The job descriptions are specific and leave little room for change, making it hard to meet new demands. The organizational structure of Marriott International is set up by putting different jobs into departments (Ersayar, 2012). Having these separate departments makes it easier to manage the organization because each department has its own manager. The employees within a department report to their managers, those managers then report to the general manager and so on. Marriott International also has trainee programs often which help to promote employees within the company (Marriott International Inc., 2013). This organizational structure is good for today’s world. Marriott International prides itself on being ethical and following all of the rules. This can help people feel safe going there and also gives employees a feeling of job security since they know everything is going according to how it should be. There is some decentralization as well which helps to keep employees motivated and wanting to work at their best.

The core values that Marriott has are a vital part of the organization. These values are: put people first, pursue excellence, embrace change, act with integrity, and serve our world (Marriott International Inc, 2013). Marriott takes care of its associates and in return they take care of the customers. Excellent customer service shows their dedication to the customer. Their vision is to be the number one hospitality company in the world. Another important part of Marriott is their purpose. This purpose includes opening doors to, “a world of opportunity for our: people, customers, owners and franchisees, investors, business alliances, and communities” (Marriott International Inc, 2012). Besides their values and purpose, Marriott also has a six part strategy to achieve their goals. This strategy is: next generation travelers, brand distinction, portfolio power, technology leadership, owner preference, and global growth (Marriott International Inc, 2012). First they want to understand and attract generation X, Y and future guests. Also they want to achieve brand distinction by investing in innovation and differentiation. Portfolio power includes building loyalty with the most compelling family of brands. Technology leadership is to be done by empowering connections for guests and associates. Owner preference means generating value for the hotel owners and franchisees. Global growth is expanding their footprint and profitability (Marriott International Inc, 2012). The vision that Marriott has is big but a good thing to work to. Marriott has a strong core values that help the company run smoothly and according to how J. Williard Marriott wanted the company to be run. The strategy that Marriott maps out is also fit for the goals, purpose and vision of the organization. Willingness to embrace change and attract new customers is the key to staying in business. Also having the best customer service in a hospitality company is crucial in building and maintaining a good customer base. The global perspective is also a big way to complete their vision of being...

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